15 Years Later: Remembering Sept. 11 Pt. 2

In part two of this two-part special, Steve Adubato reflects on the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks with family members who lost loved ones, survivors of 9-11 and NJ dignitaries who share their memories about the fateful day that changed our country forever.

10/28/16 #1910






"Steve Adubato here. We're at the Essex County Eagle Rock September 11th memorial Essex remembers ceremony. The 15th anniversary of September 11th. What you're about to see is not just part of the ceremony, but a series of interviews that we conducted with some extraordinary people. Family members of survivors from September 11th, an actual survivor of that tragic day 15 years ago, elected officials, appointed officials people who are connected to that day. Right here on my left, as part of this extraordinary monument this place here at Eagle Rock. 57 names of Essex County residents who lost their lives over here. 343 firefighters, Dozens of police officers who lost their lives. We remember them today. The fear is that people will forget, but this special talking to people about what they remember, what this day means to them, and why our country needs to never forget that day, and what we need to do moving forward. It's an important program. We ask you to, as you watch, think about the significance of September 11th and what it means to you, what it means to our country and what it ultimately means to our children and the generations after them. County Executive Joe Divincenzo… Every year is special. What makes this year even more special? Well, first of all, it's the 15th year. But for many of us, especially the family members, it's something that you know. It feels to them and to all of us that it just happened yesterday. I think the most important thing today was the four family members that spoke. I really, you know, that brought it home. To hear their stories about their loved ones. To hear the survivor talk about what she went through. It was pretty amazing you know, and I think it was good for everyone to hear. You know, the county executive, for those who know Joe, and know a little bit about how this happened… and we have footage of this memorial, and you'll get a sense of it. It was within hours, maybe less, that he made the decision along with the freeholder board. Well he made a decision this would happen. And it did happen. Within one year. But beyond all the brick and the mortar, what is it that you're feeling and thinking while you're listening to family members talk about their loved ones? You know, what we did at that point, it was the right thing to do it. You know, cause what happened on that particular day was history. To lose 3,000 heroes 57 in Essex County. 57 in Essex County. 700 in the state. And you know, the 3,000 that died that day, you know…"