A Look Back at New Jersey Capitol Report Over the Years

Co-anchors, Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman, take a look back at the most memorable interviews they conducted together on New Jersey Capitol Report over the years.

12/10/16 #637






"Folks, welcome back. This is a very special and, to be very candid, there's a sadness to this part. Listen. Raf and I've been talking about this offline and our producers, our terrific producers at "Capitol Report," and our team at "Capitol Report" have been talking this for long time, but there's no way to sugarcoat this, so I'm not going to try. There are relationships in business, in broadcasting that you do what you do and then you just move on. But for 23 years, Raf and I have been together doing "Capitol Report," and we've had an extraordinary relationship. But "Capitol Report" is, in fact, ending in early 2017. And Raf, because he is so incredibly hectic over at "MetroFocus," which has taken off... it's been an extraordinary series... he'll be with "MetroFocus" and that team. And I'll be coming back and trying to do something with this time slot with a different series with a different format. But we will not be together after 23 years. Yeah. And to not say that it's incredibly sad would be just a lie. It is sad. Just in fact the other day that we made a decision, I went home. My wife didn't know about it. I didn't tell her. And she says, "Why are you so sad?" So it was evident... you know, 23 years, that's a big hunk of our lives. By some strange alchemy, you were younger than me 23 years ago. Now I'm younger than you. I don't know how that worked out. [Chuckles] But really, I mean, it's been an incredible partnership. And you know Montana and Rice. Yeah. Frank and Dean. Yeah. Frank and Dean. We always argued who was Sinatra and who was Dean Martin. I always knew who was Frank. "It's Frank's world. I'm just living in it," like Dean said. So why don't we do this, Raf? Why don't we take a look at our terrific team here at public television? And Jackie and our terrific team have put together some of Raf's best... [Chuckles] I'm just living in that... over the last few years. Take a look.

*Hello. I'm Rafael Pi Roman. And I'm Steve Adubato. Welcome to the premiere of "New Jersey Capitol Report." Listen. This is a program that you've never seen before. This is the first show. This is a program that looks at issues and people, the people and the issues that matter in your life every day, decisions that are made in Trenton primarily, but also, Raf, look at Washington as well, but the impact again in New Jersey. The message... let's face it. We've heard it before. In fact, we've heard it every inaugural address. Raf, come on. The end of, you know... The honeymoon is over already? "Bipartisanship, we got to work together because the problems are too big...