Maryellen Murphy Liotta

Director, Fundraising/Program Development

Maryellen Murphy Liotta was instrumental in the founding and incorporation of the Caucus Educational Corporation (CEC). Over the years, she has served the CEC in various capacities — as Senior Producer of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato and One-on-One with Steve Adubato, she produced programming that has tackled a wide range of important issues affecting our region, such as the future of our children, the importance of cultural diversity to our state, education reform, environmental regulation, and health care.

Maryellen has been nominated for various industry awards and is the recipient of a New York Film Festival Award, as well as a Gracie Allen Award and Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for her work with the Caucus Educational Corporation.

Maryellen received a B.A. in Communication from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and completed graduate studies in Educational Communication and Technology at New York University (NYU).

Currently, she manages fundraising and development efforts for the CEC, which raises more than $3 million annually from corporations and foundations throughout New Jersey and the region.