Actor Darren Goldstein Enjoys Playing Despicable Characters

For our Broadway week, Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with actor Darren Goldstein who reveals the fun he has playing despicable characters like Oscar in Showtime’s "The Affair" and in the Broadway hit "The Little Foxes," nominated for 6 Tony Awards in 2017.

6/7/17 #2045






"We are pleased to be joined by Darren Goldstein. It says "actor" here but it's so much more than that. He's in Little Foxes which is playing in the Samuel Friedman Theater on 47th Street. Yep, 47th Street. I saw him first, along with millions of others in a terrific series called The Affair. He plays Oscar Hodges. Can you describe Oscar? Oscar's a complicated guy. Started off in the first two seasons as the owner of The Lobster Roll where Ruth Wilson's character worked, and he had some feelings about Ruth's character Allison, and they have a history together. So he's not too keen on the idea of her being with other guys. I can tell already what a good actor you are because I'm sitting there going, "I don't like that guy," and "I like this guy." No one does. Which clip do we have from...? Let's take a look at The Affair, okay? What do you got? So what's going on Ally? You know, just dying slowly. Hey, you know what I was thinking about? That first Summer you came to work for us... how old were you? 16? My father still owned the place. I was working behind the counter. Remember that? Not well. You were the prettiest piece of ___ back then in your little candy stripes. Not that there's anything wrong with you now. But 15 years ago? Jesus! Oh, God! What a creep! It... fun playing that role? So much fun. Because? Well you just get to indulge in things that you can't say in life. Or wouldn't? Well, you know... [laughter] Get out of here! Totally kidding. Totally? Totally kidding, yes. No, you'd never say it in life, but you get to just kind of explore some really, you know, good good dark language that you never really do. But a series like this that's gotten a lot of buzz, how much has it helped or impacted your career? Oh, it helped a lot. Yeah. Just more opportunities. People see me around more. I get recognized a little bit more. But the most important thing is that I just get better opportunities in New York theater, and I think it had something to do with getting this job, Little Foxes. Yeah, let's talk about Little Foxes. Yeah. Now you have... now the fact that Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon play opposite you, same role. They play the same... They both play both roles, different shows. You know what I mean? Yes, yes. And for you? Yeah. What is that like as an actor? Well, we've been rehearsing it that way from day one so that's the only thing we know, and it's been very seamless..."