Actress Allison Strong Discusses Role in Adam Sandler Film

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with actress and singer, Allison Strong, who stars in the hit Adam Sandler film, "The Week Of" Tune in to catch this amazing rising star!

8/20/18 #2158






"That's good stuff. Get off of me, and get on our guest who was in there. Allison Strong, actor and singer. What were we just watching? You were just watching a piece of my feature film debut, The Week Of, with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Now is there anyone well-known other than you in this? [laughter] What's that guys name? I mean... it's Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rachel Dratch, Steve Buscemi... [laughter] And me! Miraculously... Okay, born and raised in...? Born in Hoboken, raised in Union City, New Jersey. I'm a Hudson County girl and a New Jersey girl, basically. Did you always know that you wanted to be who you are and what you are? You know, my mom's a school psychologist... We just talked about your mom ... In the school system. Yeah, we just spoke about my mom and I was a really shy kid, believe it or not. No way. Yeah. and so she put me in musical theater classes at Bergen PAC, which used to be... Yeah. John Harm Center for the Arts back in the day. Bergen PAC is great. And so, they wouldn't give me any solos. My mom begged for a solo for me and then at our class presentation, everyone was asking me who my voice teacher was and telling my mom that I would be on Broadway one day and when I turned 18, that dream became a reality. Talk about your... some of your credits. Uh... I hate when people use your credits. I mean, okay. So... Just brag. Go ahead, do it. Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway, Mamma Mia on Broadway, the Blacklist, Dora and friends which is Dora the Explorer... Yes. The Week Of... that's about you and Bye Bye Birdie right there? Look at that right there. Yeah, that is me. That is me in Bye Bye Birdy. That's the the telephone hour that was with John Stamos and Gina Gershon. Awesome. Yeah. John Stamos... why is he not a better looking guy? It's really a shame. He got hit with the ugly stick, didn't he? He did, no? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, let's not go there. [laughter] He's beautiful. His kids are gonna be gorgeous. Is he, right? Yeah. So you knew at a young age, but you had this shy thing going on? Yeah, I did. And when it comes to this particular movie with Adam Sandler, describe the process of being selected... like you're the one. We want you. I went to an audition, just like every actor gets in. Call for open, or whatever that means... It wasn't an open audition, it was my agent submitted me for the appointment, I said I wanted to go, I went to the audition..."