Actress Margo Martindale On Her New Amazon Show, "Sneaky Pete"

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with amazing character actress, Margo Martindale, who talks about her new Amazon show "Sneaky Pete" and her Emmy Award-winning role on "The Americans."

1/18/17 #2002






"You always used to say tuna made you feel barfy. Well that was twenty years ago, grandma. That's right. People change. You're not our little Pete anymore. You know, the bail business isn't all that complicated. Anyone can learn the nuts and bolts. But there's one instinct that separates the great bail bondsmen from the rest. What's that? You gotta be able to look a perspective client in the eye and ask yourself, "Is this someone I trust?" God is she good. That's Margo Martindale, award winning actress. That is from Sneaky Pete. Sneaky Pete. Amazon series? Amazon. Drops on Amazon January the 13th. And in 2017, we'll be seeing this then. But who were you there with? That's with Giovanni Ribisi. Talented actor. Oh, so talented, and so wonderfully kind, and fabulous person to be the lead of the show. Would you set up this whole Sneaky Pete thing for us? Sneaky Pete is a... I'm the matriarch of a family. My... Giovanni plays my grandson. And he... we haven't seen him since he was ten years old. And he... we don't know where he's been. My daughter and I had a falling out and they ran off, and he spent every Summer with us. And he's been in prison. And his cellmate, he talked about our farm all the time, and how wonderful his... and idyllic his life was on the farm with us. And... and his cellmate gets out, and comes to our farm and says, "Grandpa, grandma, I'm home." So he's a con artist. What... oh we have to watch? It's great. But it turns out that everybody's a bit of a con! [laughter] Everybody's a bit of a...? Everybody. Not you? It says a lot about, "Oh, I got a lot... I got a past. I've got a past." You have a past? I have a past. [laughter] And the future? Can we speak about your past for a second? Mm hmm. You're from Texas? I am. Jacksonville, Texas? Jacksonville, Texas. You admit this? I admit it with a huge heart. You love Texas? I love... You're not a Dallas Cowboy fan, are you? Yeah. Well you know, our president, Neal Shapiro, is a big Dallas Cowboy fan. Oh is that right? Oh yeah. Oh yeah, you know. You gotta always root for the Cowboys! [laughter] Woah, well we do because he does. No I'm like... [laughter] Yeah, you better! And... so let me ask you. But the Dallas, Texas thing to New York, acting, just the whole... how does that happen? Oh, I went... I got a scholarship to the University of Michigan. Went north. Michigan. I got a job at Harvard. I went to Harvard. With... at Harvard. You went to Harvard? Rutgers? I went..."