Annette Catino Emphasizes the Importance of Female Leaders

Steve Adubato goes on-location the Montclair State University’s 2017 Annual Scholarship Dinner to talk with honoree Annette Catino about the importance of women in leadership.

6/2/17 #2041






"Steve Adubato here at Montclair State University. This is the 2017 Annual Scholarship Dinner. I'm a graduate of this fine institution. But only one graduate standing next to me is the honoree tonight... one of our honorees. She is Annette Catino, President and CEO, QualCare Alliance Network, Inc. You are one of the honorees tonight. How does that feel? It feels great. It feels great to come home and for my alma mater to recognize my achievements. Yeah. And the other part of this night, we've been talking to people all night, this event raises a lot of money for scholarships for young people who otherwise would not have a chance to go to college. Talk about that part. Well, that's very important to me, because when I went to college, I had to work my way through college. There weren't a lot of scholarships available. And so I worked full time, and came to college and did what I had to do. But to make it a little easier for young people today, so that they don't come out of college with mountains of debt, just makes their dreams and their aspirations more of a reality for them. Talk about that a little bit, Annette. Annette, to disclose, Annette is a member of the board of trustees of the Caucus Educational Corporation, our production company. We've known each other a long time, and you know, is a great supporter of public broadcasting. But we actually have talked about leadership. We've talked about the challenges people face for a long time. Did you know, quote, "back in the day" at Montclair State, that you were going to be a leader in business and philanthropy, and do the things you're doing? Well, my mother said I was a colicky baby. And that she always thought I was going to be the President of something. Something? [laughter] Something. She didn't know what. But something. But no, I mean, it was the grounding that I got here at Montclair State that really opened up my eyes to the world of healthcare. I didn't know anything about healthcare as an industry. I had a professor who taught me about healthcare economics. You always talk about that professor! Oh, she's the love of my life! Because I wouldn't be here tonight, but for one professor who really opened my eyes to this field that was growing, that was a huge part of our gross domestic product, that was going to be taking care of people for lifetimes, and she said, "Your business acumen can be used to help people." And that was what attracted me to healthcare. Isn't it so interesting? People often say, "I want to be an entrepreneur." And by the way, we've interviewed people who are great entrepreneurs..."