At-Home Workouts Using Household Items

Ambyr Chatzopoulos, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and her daughter, Georgie, stop by the studio to show Joanna Gagis some at-home workout circuits that can be done using household items.

3/31/18 #626






"Welcome back to Life & Living. We're about to have some fun right now. I'm joined by a fitness trainer, Ambyr Chatzopoulos, who is going to make me sweat. And work. We are talking about the "mom workout" at home. Welcome to the show Ambyr. Thank you very much. It's good to be here. Tell me a little bit about what you do, and how you're inspiring moms to get fit, to stay fit. So I basically got into my training when I started having children. That's kind of when I got into personal training. And so I naturally kind of gravitated towards other moms. And we're all kind of facing the same sort of struggles, and the same issues. So one of the things I like to do is try and inspire other moms to kind of overcome a lot of the issues that we're all dealing with, and that we're all facing. What are some of those issues? Sleep deprivation is one of the huge issues that we deal with everyday, whether it's, you know, your kid has, you know, a sickness, and he's waking up multiple times a night, or your kid has nightmares, and I mean there are a million reasons we get woken up throughout the night. And so it's kind of waking up in the morning and saying even though I'm really tired, I need to get up, I need to get my workout in, and that's gonna set me up for the rest of the day, so that I can get through everything else I need to get through. Okay, I'm gonna speak from personal experience, and question you a bit here, because I know... I went through exactly what you described, two kids, my second son especially, was a terrible sleeper early on, and I would be up all night. And when the morning came... I used to work out in the morning, I would say there was no way I can get up, spend more energy, when I feel like I barely have the energy to get through the day as it is, on the sleep that I've had. Why is that wrong? So by not forcing yourself to get up, and get moving, you're basically just gonna take that really lethargic feeling you have, and kind of extend it throughout your day. So if you can just kind of force yourself to get up, and kind of get into that routine, even though I'm tired, I'm still gonna get up, and get myself moving, you're gonna feel so much better. And part of it is just making a routine out of it. And once you can kind of do that for, say, three or four weeks consecutively..."