Baby Boot Camp Helps Moms Get in Shape While Having Fun

Joanna Gagis talks with Kristin Menapace, Owner of Baby Boot Camp, and Stephanie Schaub an instructor at the organization, about how baby boot camps are so much more than just a mommy exercise program, but are creating a social community for both moms and kids.

8/5/17 #613






"Welcome back to Life & Living. As any mom knows, with all the challenges that a baby brings, exercising and taking care of yourself is usually the first thing to go. But what if there was a way to work out with your baby? Here with me now are Kristin Menapace, Owner, and Stephanie Schaub, Instructor, at Baby Boot Camp in Princeton, New Jersey. Welcome to the program. Thank you. Thank you. Kristin, I'm gonna start with you. You started this as a franchise here in New Jersey. Talk about the program and what it looks like. So Baby Boot Camp is this stroller based fitness program that enables moms to actually exercise with our little ones. Babies, toddlers. It's also wonderful for pregnant moms who are getting ready to have a baby. And it's great because, you can bring your baby, you get to bond, workout, and it's a sense of community meeting with moms afterwards. So you said it's stroller based. What exactly do you mean by that? So our little ones are in the stroller for the workout, it's an hour workout, and it combines strength, cardio, and flexibility training. And we do different circuits. So we incorporate ABC's, peek-a-boo's, tickle toes, and... So the mom's are doing this with the babies while they're exercising? Right. So while they're exercising. So we call it "fitness for you, fun for your baby". Because, Stephanie, as any mom knows, keeping a baby in a stroller for an hour is it? Yes. [laughter] Is not always an easy task. Yes. [laughter] Right? [laughter] Yes. Correct. Cause we need to keep them fed, happy, entertained, occupied. So talk about what that looks like when you have the moms, you know, working out together. What's happening in that room? Or in that space? So we try to keep it mobile. So when Kristin said it's circuit based, so we'll relocate. So we'll do a circuit in one location. And then we'll run, or skip, or do booty kicks with the stroller to a next location. Cause as we know, keeping them moving is keeping them happy. Yes. Not staring at the same wall the whole time? Correct. Correct. And then as we're doing squats, we're singing songs. Or as we're doing bicep curls, we're, you know, singing songs and tickling their toes. And obviously snacks, their favorite toys. Right. You might have to resort to a tablet or the phone if you have an older one. Right. And then the last ten minutes or so, we do our abs. We do core based exercises, so some moms will let the kids run around while..."