Bartley Healthcare CEO Talks Healthcare Challenges for Seniors

Steve Adubato is joined by the President and CEO of Bartley Healthcare, Phil Scalo, to talk about the biggest challenges senior citizens face today, including the availability of quality affordable services such as healthcare and transportation.

5/13/17 #3005






"We are pleased to welcome Phil Scalo, who is President and CEO of Bartley Healthcare. Phil, what is Bartley Healthcare? Bartley Healthcare is a post acute provider. We provide services, assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, memory care, and some home care services. And it's interesting. You... we met you through our friends at Felician University. And we had a whole discussion with Dr. Prisco up there, the President. Mm hmm. Talking about gerontology, cause they have the Institute for Gerontology up there. And this whole area exploded for us. And we knew that it was an issue. We knew that the older, or elder, population was growing. But tell folks how huge this issue is, and what the need is. Well, what happens right now is most people think that when they get older, they'll just be taken care of. Or they can be taken care of at home. And with the age wave that's hitting, we're gonna see it even more. But what happens most of the time is that people are underserved. They don't know what benefits are available to 'em. They don't know what service is available to 'em. And many times the services that are available are just not available in such a way that they can avail themselves to them. So let's break this down a little bit. And by the way, at your place, what kind of services are we talking about? Well, we have a campus in Jackson, where we provide, really, are services that's a continuum, from assisted living, which we use...people live in apartments, have a lot of activities, and we help them with certain activities of daily living. And our continuum goes all the way to people who are at end stage, on hospice. In between we have the rehab, we have a big memory care component for people with Alzheimer's and related dementia. So we're taking care of the people who cannot be taken care of at home. Or cannot be safe at home. How did you get into this? It's an interesting story actually. I'm an attorney by training, and I practiced law for many years. And... Well how did this come into your world? You know, it's kind of interesting you say that. I work with Rutgers sometimes. And we go to some student things where you talk about mentoring. And then you... Right. ...tell them about the lawyer part, and I tell 'em about the nursing home, and the skilled nursing part, and they get surprised like you were. Right. But I was... I had some expertise in financing, EDA financing at the time and I... Economic Development Authority? Authority. That's right. And I have some..."