Beauty Entrepreneur Shares 2017 Beauty Trends

Miriam Gabriel, Owner of Melandre Salon and Sulis Spa, talks hair and make-up, the overall beauty trends of 2017 and the challenges of running a small business in northern New Jersey.

5/27/17 #607






'Welcome to Life and Living, I’m Joanna Gagis. My first guest is here to tell us some simple ways that we can stay on trend with the latest beauty trips for our hair and our makeup. She’s Miriam Gabreil, owner of Melandre Salon and Sulis Spa, welcome to the program. Thank you. Glad to have you back. You were here a little while ago telling us what was on trend at the time but of course trends change, right? That, we know that nothing stays the same for too long, just to make us stay on our toes. Can we talk about hair trends. Can we talk about what’s the latest and greatest right now for hair? Yes! So the biggest thing now is just enhancing your natural beauty, um nature is most beautiful. So, um you’re seeing, um, a lot of natural textured looks, um in the past people would with curly hair would fight their curls and straighten them out. Now we’re seeing a lot of the curls and a lot of the natural textures now, you know, play a big role. So, we were seeing a lot of Japanese hair straightening treatments coming out and that was a big thing for a long time. Don't do that anymore? Don't do that, embrace your curls. There's so many products out there now that will help, um you know enhance your natural texture. Okay, I have these weird curls that if I put a lot of product in them, I scrunch them, I get these really nice curl, but if not it just kind of hangs. I never like to just leave it like that. Are you saying I should, or are you saying I should get the texture product. So, I think you should absolutely ask your stylist to get a ... the tailored hair cut that will work best with your texture. So that way you could just wash and go. You're a brunette, I'm brunette, although you tend to play a bit more with you're hair then I do. I'm a conservative brunette and I really don't play with color. But I have friends who sometimes their blonde sometimes their dark, what's the trend on color right now? So, you are in luck because brunettes are the it girls now. Whoohoo. So we are both on trend, um, you're going to see a lot of, um, tone on tone, chocolate brunettes. When you get into the reds, you'll see a lot of whiskey and caramel highlights. As long as your hair is dimensional, dimensional is always most flattering. The brunettes are the most biggest thing now. Alright, I knew we were in. So what about cuts, what are you seeing in terms of cuts and trends?  A lot of shorter cuts..."