Bringing Attention to Maternal Mortality Rate

Darwin Cox, CEO, Mothers Monument tells us about the ways this organization is bringing attention and solutions to a mostly unknown issue in our country, maternal mortality rate.

2/11/18 #624






"Welcome back to Life & Living. About once every two minutes, all around the globe, a mother dies from a pregnancy related complication. But one organization is on a mission to change that. Joining me right now is Darwin Cox, CEO of Mothers Monument. Welcome to the program Darwin. Thank you. Thanks for having me. What do we know about the reason why these mortality rates are so high around the world and here in the US? There's a lot of issues here in the US that has made it actually gotten worse in the last 14 years. Okay, including? And it's actually doubled in size. So the numbers have actually doubled in the last 14 years of mothers who are dying during pregnancy and labor and delivery? Yes. And it's gone from 18 per 100,000 to 36 per 100,000 women are dying here in the US. Why? From a lot of different issues. Mainly because the women are older than they used to be, and so they come with more complicated health histories. There are a lot more c-sections that have their own inherent risks. There is a fragmented healthcare system, so there are many parts of the states where women just don't have access to the care they need. So these are lower income communities? Yes. Who don't... maybe don't...? And there are many areas in the states that came out in the Wall Street Journal a few months ago that actually show that there are parts that don't have OB-GYNs to serve them. So there's... So it's the lack of prenatal care? And does that prenatal care actually fix the problem? Identify the problem? What is it? It helps the young mother or the young pregnant woman be more in control and stay on top of identifying any risks, and being able to treat those risks beforehand. Preeclampsia we know is a dangerous complication that can impact a pregnancy. Describe what that is. Preeclampsia is something which is based on high blood pressure, that if left undetected, can lead to serious consequences. In the US, preeclampsia is about 70 - 90 women that die per year from preeclampsia. Yet in the UK, they have found a way to actually almost stop preeclampsia deaths, because they have used the National Review Committee that has changed the national healthcare in the hospitals to basically reduce that to one in one million women dying in the UK. So here the... Because they have standardized their protocols in how they treat it. So a much bigger issue even than just... I wish it were as simple as identifying some of the issues, and how do we fix it? It's a very complicated healthcare system as we know right now. The future of healthcare in the United States is very..."