Caldwell University Volunteers Take Their Passion to Belize

Joanna Gagis talks with Emma Clark, Caldwell University alumna and Sean Puzzo, a senior at Caldwell University, about taking their passion for community service all the way to Belize as a part of Caldwell University’s international outreach ministry. Emma and Sean explain how the trip “put things into perspective” for each of them as they returned home.

5/13/17 #606






"Welcome back to Life & Living. They've taken their passion for serving others all the way to Santa Cruz, Belize, with a little help from their school. They are Emma Clarke, Caldwell University alumna, and Sean Puzzo, a senior at Caldwell University. Welcome to the program. Thank you for having us. [laughter] We're thrilled to have you, cause when we heard about this program, this trip that you're going on, we knew we had to have you on the show to talk about it. It's such a terrific thing. Sean, I'm gonna start with you. What is this mission trip to Belize? So it's a very unique opportunity that usually takes around ten students, a few faculty and staff members. From Caldwell University? From Caldwell University, to a remote village in Belize, Punta Gorda, which is right in the Gulf of Honduras. And we... we're usually there for about seven days serving in the local community, doing different projects... What kind of projects? What are you there to do? I'm... the first year that I went, we were building the back wall of a church. The second year I was there, we were building dividers in classrooms. And then the... a few weeks ago that we just got back, we were painting the outside of a school that really needed to be spruced up. Emma, talk about how you got involved in this trip, and why you wanted to go. Yeah, I am. I went on the first trip that Sean had mentioned, and from a young age, my aunt and cousin had gone on a mission trip to Honduras. So I was always kind of inspired by them, just to see what it's like, you know, to get out there and have that kind of experience. Because when they came back, they were like new people. Like it's so refreshing, and that's what inspired me to go. And then when the opportunity was brought up at Caldwell, I jumped on it. Because the year prior, my freshman year, had been cancelled, due to a storm. And then my sophomore year I knew I had to go. So... What did it do for you going there and seeing the need and being able to help? I really, I felt a deep centering kind of, because it's just... they had nothing. And we have so much. And it definitely brings you back down to earth, and it reminds you of what you need to be thankful for. And it was right after the holidays. So we're all already thinking about what we're thankful for..."