"Care More" Reaches Out to Local Communities In-Need

Joanna Gagis sits down with the Co-Founder & Creative Care Director of Care More, Joe Moore, who explained how his organization is delivering care packages and organizing clothes drives to hyperlocal community events in an attempt to restore humanity by creating opportunities to empower and help the less fortunate whenever, wherever and however they can.

7/29/2017 #612






"Welcome back to Life and Living. Their mission is to restore humanity by empowering and helping the less fortunate, whenever, where ever and how ever they can. They are Care More and I'm joined by the organizations co-founder and creative director Joseph Moore. Welcome to the program. Thanks for having me. So now we know what your mission is, how are you executing it? Um, we basically do is create care packages for the less fortunate with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, everyday essentials basically that we have in our own homes. Um, because these people don't have a physical home we make sure they can have the things they can have, ah … use everyday. You know like I said toothbrush, toothpaste. Essentials items that they might otherwise not be able to afford. Exactly. And when we put together the care package we think about the things we use each day and try to figure out, okay if we can't give them a physical home just yet these are the things they can have during their travels trying to get to the next destination in their lives. So. You said just yet and I'm wondering if that means you want to take this organization somewhere much further then where it is right now. We're trying to make this a full time service, to the heights like the Salvation Army, Red Cross. Before we get there because there's a lot we need to understand about how you started, why you started and what is looks like right now. Okay so, Care More started with who is the founder and myself in 2014. We saw that there was a need not only help the less fortunate but connect with them and … Why? Where did that come from in both of you? Because their human just like we are. And I think it's important that we treat each other as human beings whether you have more money then I do or less money then I do. The human factor is important and I think people lose site of that when they see people who are less fortunate and I dislike saying homeless people. Why? Because, it sounds cliquish but the home is where the heart is, basically, you know what I mean. And these people may be homeless but they be happier without the materialist things, you know, and there's a lot of people that I've spoken too who were saying like, you know I don't have a home but I'm kind of happy that I don't have these material things because it has shown me the true..."