Care One's Mission to Give Back to the Community

Lizzy Straus, Executive VP, CareOne talks about the importance of giving back to the communities they serve, and their involvement with Make-A-Wish NJ.

12/2/17 #621






"Welcome to Life & Living. I'm Joanna Gagis. There are some who say they're committed to giving back to those in need, and then there are those who live it everyday. Joining me right now is a woman who is truly walking the walk. Here name is Lizzy Straus. She is the Executive Vice President of CareOne. Welcome to the program Lizzy. Thank you. Describe what CareOne is for us. CareOne is a family owned and run healthcare company. We provide care to the community, those in need, and we take care of each other, our employees, and you know, they're a part of our family. What kind of services are you offering? Who specifically are you treating? We take care of the whole gamut. We have people who come to us for short term rehab, just, you know, typical joint replacement, and they receive rehab, and are rehabilitated and go right home. There are those who have more complex surgeries that require, you know, a more complex rehab environment. One to one. We are very much a acute care hospital, in the sense that we offer one to one, over two hours a day, of therapy, which is unheard of in this industry. Our ability to get people home and back to the condition that they were in prior to any acute episode is incredible. It blows my mind. Is that the goal? Yes. The goal is to get people out of the facility, back into their homes, back into their lives? Yes. And we're very proud of that. But we also offer the ability for people to age in place. We have assisted living homes. And we have 24/7 nursing there, based on the needs of the residents there, so that they can age in place without having to leave, you know, if they require nursing services. We also have a standalone Alzheimer's and dementia building, down... This is called Harmony Village? Yes. That is our Harmony Village building. Which will be opening in four weeks in Paramus. We have one down in Burlington County. And it's a product we've really worked hard to develop, and it's incredible. What's unique about this program in terms of your ability to serve the population who's struggling with Alzheimer's, right? And dementia? We've used a lot of research to really level our patients and create neighborhoods. What do you mean "level your patients"? So you know, there's different stages of dementia and Alzheimer's. And based on the needs and the stage... so if someone's early onset dementia and Alzheimer's, there's different activities, there's different programming. And we cater to the resident, and you know, their needs. And based on that, the progression of the disease, and how it progresses. Therefore different neighborhoods... and they're small, they're..."