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Are Vaccinations The Right Course of Action?

Janet Lin Torre, Hospital Epidemiologist, Summit Oaks Hospital discusses the international debate on vaccinations sparked by the recent measles outbre...

Commerical Real Estate’s Impact on NJ’s Economy

Martin Kafafian, a lawyer specializing in commercial real estate, speaks with Steve Adubato about commercial real estate in New Jersey and how it affe...

Are Physicians Keeping Life-Threatening Information from Patients?

Dr Shuvendu Sen, Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency, Raritan Bay Medical Center agrees there needs to be laws in place in the sta...

On the Road To Improving Teen Driving Safety

Every ten minutes a teen crashes in New Jersey. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for young people in New Jersey and across the nat...

Prescription for Better Health Outcomes

A respectful and compassionate relationship between physicians, as well as all other members of the healthcare team, and their patients characterizes ...

The Human Side of Crime

Nationally, two-thirds of people released from state prisons are arrested again; half of those will end up back inside. Forty percent of federal priso...

Trends in Maternity Care

Maternity care is continuously evolving. While primary care providers play a huge role in maternity care, the services of nurses and doulas are on the...

Breaking The Silence: Speaking Out About Addiction

Each mother tells the harrowing tale of their child’s progressive reliance on alcohol and other drugs, which eventually resulted in an addiction to ...

College Presidents: Educating Today’s Student

This panel examines the challenges college presidents face in meeting the educational needs of today’s student. Maintaining access to higher educati...

CUC: Joann La Perla-Morales; Steven Tennenbaum; Howard Dorman

Joann La Perla-Morales, President, Middlesex County College talks about the opportunities at County Colleges and what the future looks like for Middle...