CBS This Morning Co-Host on Media's Change Under Trump

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with John Dickerson, Co-host of “CBS This Morning,” to discuss his transition from "Face the Nation" to "CBS This Morning." Dickerson also shares his views on how the media landscape has changed during the Trump administration.

3/19/18 #2120






"Hi, Steve Adubato here. You saw Gayle King over there, her colleague, along with Norah O'Donnell, is here with us right now. John Dickerson, co-hosts of CBS This Morning on what time? [laughter] It's on at 7:00 to 9:00. Hold on, why do you laugh at that? Because it's my days, you know, have started early and different and I'm still getting used to it. How early do you get up? About 4:00. 4:00? Yeah. Face the Nation, two and a half years you were there? Yeah, so that started at 10:30. That's why, you know, and then check your local listings because it starts at different times. Yeah. In different places. When you got the call to come in and join these two terrific broadcasters and fill that slot that place, was it a...? Did they know right away, "Hey, we want Dickerson here"? Or was it they were testing people out? I think, well I don't know exactly what was happening on their end, on my end it was, you know, it's obviously a big difference going from having your own show, but it was, once I started doing the sort of pros and cons list, you know, the way they teach you to, there were a lot of things that lined up in the pro column, and it's just amazing, you know, do you think if you open the newspaper in the morning and you look at a bunch of different stories and you think, "I want to talk about this one, I want to have somebody on who could talk about that one," and then you get to have this conversation with, as you mentioned, two great journalists as well? So that was really... that excitement, to be able to do that every day, that's really what drew me. You know, both of those broadcasters, Gayle and Norah, have sat right there, and they were just great with us. And I was telling you before we got on the air, that I saw you guys the other morning and I thought, "Chemistry is really there." Did you sense it? And then nothing...? Not a lot is scripted, I'm sure you have to throw to some pieces at times? Right. But did you immediately feel like, "Hey, we're comfortable with each other"? Well I think that's... it's interesting you mention that, I mean I think the... my bosses did, they... well that's one of the reasons why they thought, because you know, I was doing a very different kind of show in Washington. Sure. So it's not like when, there were some people who thought, "Hmm, this is not like..." the progression, it wouldn't necessarily be the one..."