Dancing with the Stars' Edyta Sliwinska Shares Dancing Career

Joanna gets up-close and personal with ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” alumna, Edyta Sliwinska, about her life as a professional ballroom dancer, her experiences teaching the most uncoordinated stars to dance, and her greatest passion of all, being a mom to her young son.

2/18/17 #525






"Welcome to a special edition of Life and Living. I'm Joanna Gagis. You will recognize my first guest's face because she is the only person, the only performer, to appear on all ten of the first editions of Dancing with the Stars. She is Edyta Sliwinska. She'a professional ballroom dancer. Thank you so much for being with us tonight. Thank you for having me. So you will hear music behind us. We're at an event tonight where Edyta is performing. So we've got music, people are getting in the mood, but we appreciate you taking a few minutes to sit and talk to us about your life and your career as a dancer. Of course. When did you start dancing? Oh gosh. I was 11 years old, which is considered pretty late for a professional career. And I just started in Poland. I came to the US from Poland when I was 20. So I started in Poland, and ballroom dancing is quite popular in Europe as it is right now in the US. But it wasn't back then. So my mom just put me in classes, and I started falling in love with it. And I just, I got more and more involved. And ended up on Dancing with the Stars eventually. So you must have had a natural inclination to it? You took to it, right? There was some talent there? [laughter] For sure. You know what? People always talk about talent, but I truly believe that talent is something that starts you, that drives you, that can give you that... the leg up, and maybe the starting point. But it's... after that, it's 90 percent hard, hard work. But I definitely loved it, and I definitely... my mom will tell me, I would do performances in front of the mirror. I would dress up and put glittery, sparkly... I don't know, fabric on myself, and just turn around and prance around when I was 5, and so I definitely had inclinations. At what point did you come here to the States? And was that because of dance? It was because of dance. I met my husband, Alec Mazo, who also was in Dancing with the Stars. I met him at a ballroom competition in England. It's like a Wimbledon of ballroom dancing in Blackpool. And he was looking for a partner, and I was kind of interested in maybe trying out. So we did a tryout... Interested in him? Or interested in having a partner? [laughter] No in dancing. Okay. In dancing. Alright. Because at a certain point in your career, there are not that many people in your country that you can dance with at your level..."