Democratic Strategist Julie Roginsky Analyzes 2016 Election

Taped at the NJBIA Impact Symposium,Julie Roginsky, Democratic Strategist and President of Comprehensive Communications Group, shares her analysis on what went wrong with the Clinton campaign and whether she thinks the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails played a significant role in the outcome of the election.

2/4/17 #642






"Steve Adubato here at the New Jersey Business and Industry Association annual event, where all the people who matter in the business and governmental and political community and some folks in the media here as well. And we have Julie Roginsky, who is the Democratic strategist and president of the Comprehensive Communications Group. We see her on Fox News, Fox Business on a regular basis. Let's just do this. Let's talk a little bit of politics. Sure. Biggest takeaway for you from the 2016 presidential election is... was? Everything that I've known about politics in the last 20 years is gonna be going out the window. I was the person that said, "Math is math. The past is always prologue. And you can't reinvent the wheel," and every other horrible cliché that you can think of. And it turned out that, in fact, I was wrong. And, uh... You weren't the only one. I was not the only one. But I certainly was wrong in a very public way and a very public television station day in and day out. So I think I and people do this for a living need to really take stock of what happened and read just accordingly going forward, especially for the 2017 gubernatorial cycle. Julie joined Rafael Pi Roman, my great colleague, and I on "Capitol Report." And we had a great discussion talking about this. And I remember everything you said on that program and was looking at it before we got here. And I was like, "Okay, it seems to make sense." And I thought, "Okay. Did Donald Trump rewrite all the rules about politics and campaigns?" He rewrote a great deal of them. I think what he rewrote, first and foremost, is not necessarily what he rewrote, but what voters rewrote. I spoke to a pollster who said that they got their polling in a particular state... he was talking about Pennsylvania... exactly right in all the places you would normally expect, in the cities, but not among white working class voters who Donald Trump's people kept saying over and over to us, "You're missing something here. They're not picking up the phone. They're showing up at rallies in droves." And... and I kept saying, as well as other people who do this for a living, "That's all very nice, but that's all very anecdotal." Mm. "And empirical data still drives the narrative. And empirical data is saying that there's no way Donald Trump is gonna win a state like Pennsylvania." In fact, we were wrong. These people are people who do not respond to traditional pollsters. They don't necessarily look at traditional media..."