Drew Logan Powell on new Amazon Series, "Dangerous Book for Boys"

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Long Island native, Drew Logan Powell, one of the stars of the upcoming Amazon series "The Dangerous Book for Boys," based upon the popular novel.

3/8/18 #2119






"Drew Logan Powell, he's an actor in The Dangerous Book for Boys, which is an Amazon series? Yes it is. Describe it for folks. So The Dangerous Book for Boys is about, like, a family, and we're mourning, like, our father's death, and everyone's really devastated. But there's something that brings, like, humor to the family. So before the father died, he sort of wrote a book for the boys to help them grow up without him. And so basically whenever the youngest brother Wyatt opens the book, he goes into a whole fantasy world, and it's really cool. What drew you to this? So when I was, like, auditioning for this role, I really enjoyed, like, the character, and honestly, I had a lot of fun playing this dumb character. This dumb...! [laughter] This is Dash? This is Dash, he's the middle of the three brothers. Why do you use the word, quote unquote, "dumb"? So he's kind of a dumb jock. Is that you there? Yeah that's us right there. I got to work a lot with Kyan Zielinsky and Gabriel Bateman. They're both very cool kids. But I use the word "dumb" because he's not very smart up there. He doesn't know how to pronounce the word "gnome", he doesn't really know what he's doing all the time, but it makes for a good comedy, and that's what I really like doing. But this is very different from you? Very different. How would you describe yourself? Your non acting personality? Who are you? I've been told I'm very confident, and I'm pretty smart. But yeah, I'm kind of different from Dash, in a little bit of ways. When did you know that...? I always ask people when they come in here this question, and it's not always the same answer, which makes it fascinating for me. When did you know you really wanted to perform? Be out there? So when I was four years old, it was Easter, and I was, like, walking around and, like, smiling for the cameras and, like, pretending I was a model and stuff. [laughter] I don't know, but... Where? I was in, like, my living room. Okay. You know, just hanging out with the family, and then... so I knew then that I really wanted to act and, like, be in front of the camera. So ever since then, I started begging my mom to let me do it. And for four years she said, "No, no way, you're not doing this!" And eventually, at the age of eight, so four years later, she finally said, "Yes." And it just... So now you're 12? So you've only been doing this for four years? Yeah. You wore your mom down? Mm hmm. She didn't wanna listen to you anymore..."