Fitness Trainer Shares Heatlhy Lifestyle with All Ages

Ryan Marshall, Owner & Coach, ANiMAL CrossFit & FASST – Strength & Speed Training and Lululemon Brand Ambassador, shares how he became committed to the pursuit of health and fitness for people all ages. He also talks about how his title as a Lululemon Brand Ambassador has helped him bring awareness to causes throughout his community.

12/2/17 #621






"Welcome back to Life & Living. My next guest says that he's committed to the relentless pursuit of health and fitness, which is why Lululemon chose him to be a brand ambassador for the famed fitness clothing line. He is Ryan Marshall, Owner and Coach at ANIMAL CrossFit and FASST Strength & Speed Training in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Welcome to the program Ryan. Thanks for having me Joanna. It's a pleasure. I have to let everyone know, you happen to be a friend of mine, but that's not why I have you on the show. I have you on the show because you're doing some really really amazing things in your field. Talk to us a little bit about what ANIMAL CrossFit is, and then we'll get to FASST next. ANIMAL CrossFit is really a strength and conditioning program, made for adults of all ages. So we have adults, you know, over the age of 18 all the way up to their 60s and 70s coming in on an everyday basis. And we're just trying to prepare 'em for everyday life, keeping them strong and healthy. Do they come in to you at all different fitness levels? And you say you want to keep them strong, but what about those who are just getting strong for the first time? Yes. I feel our program, we really differentiate ourselves in the fact that we have a very intensive beginner program. So our beginner program lasts a month. They come in three times a week. And once we feel they're safe and ready to move to the regular classes, they'll then start taking regular classes. Do people come in understanding, do you think, generally, what CrossFit means? How tough it can be? How rigorous it is? Do they come in understanding that? Is there any, kind of, like shock from initiation? I believe CrossFit has gotten a negative connotation based on a lot of the videos and social media, but we try to differentiate ourselves by keeping athletes safe, and training 'em to things properly. We really focus on technique over intensity. I know you talked to our producers, and you said that really reducing injury was important to you. How do you do that? How do you focus on the technique? And what are some of the common mistakes that people are making when they approach their exercising? And CrossFit? Again, the opportunity they get when they first come into our facility to work with a trainer, mostly one on one, or in a small group environment, we're really able to dial in and make sure that the..."