Fizzics CEO Explains how Bottled Beer Can Taste Like Draft

Joanna Gagis talks with Phil Petracca, CEO of Fizzics, a revoluntionary product that makes bottled and canned beer taste like freshed poured draft beer. Petracca talksabout his inspiration for the product and his experience on ABC’s Shark Tank.

7/1/2017 #609






"Behold, the magic of science! Utilizing sound waves, we perfect the density, stability, and texture of the foam, enhancing the aroma and flavor of an authentic draft beer. Woah! Wow! Woah! [laughter] Who's ready to enjoy the great taste of a Fizzics beer? You bring it. Because after all... tasting is believing! Cheers! Cheers! I'll try it! Bring it... Welcome to Life & Living. I'm Joanna Gagis. What happens when two guys from Jersey sit around talking about beer and how to make it better? Well if they happen to be uber smart and know a thing or two about physics, the result is like beer magic. I'm joined right now by one of those guys. Philip Petracca, Chief Executive Officer of Fizzics. Welcome to the program. Thank you so much. That was you we just saw on Shark Tank? First of all, I want to hear what it's like going on Shark Tank and having that experience. But let's talk about beer. You love it, you love drinking it at home, at what point did you know you wanted something more from your at-home beer? You know, my partner David and I were drinking a great draft beer at a local microbrewery, and I said, "You know, Dave, why does beer taste so good fresh from the brewer's tap, but we drink the same beer at home out of cans and bottles, it doesn't quite taste the same?" Ten months later, we had a working prototype. You know, we shared it with our friends and family, and went directly to consumers at beer festivals. And we've been living the dream ever since. [laughter] Alright, you skipped a whole lot of steps. You skipped a lot of steps there. Cause there's a lot that went into this. First you researched, didn't you? You researched... Sure. ...what is it? What did you find that makes beer fall flat when it's poured from the bottle? So what we found is beer is a special beverage, because the aroma, which is 70% of flavor is derived through the foam. And we never liked the taste of foam when we were doing a hand pour. It always had this real grainy type of texture. So we met with a lot of culinary chefs... Usually, I'm sorry, but usually if you're doing a hand pour at home, and you get a lot of foam, that means you poured it wrong, right? [laughter] It's not the same as when it comes out the draft? Out of the keg? Yeah it definitely isn't, cause you get the ideal level of carbonation in the body of the beer. And then you get a better density, a better quality foam, on draft..."