FOX News Anchor Lauren Simonetti On Journalism and Career Tips

Joanna Gagis goes on-location to the HudsonMOD 5th Annivesary event and talks with FOX Business News Anchor, Lauren Simonetti, about business and the economy, her experience as a journalist, and advice for young people pursuing this career.

10/7/17 #617






"Welcome back to Life & Living. I'm joined right now by Lauren Simonetti, who is an anchor at Fox Business Network. Welcome to the program. Good to see you. Thank you for having me on a beautiful night. It's a beautiful night. We are positioned right on the Hudson River with the backdrop of where you go to work every single day. It's the perfect temperature right now. Yes, it is. It's not humid. I could sleep here. I actually might. She actually might because she's a mom and a working woman. We're going to get into all of that.  Lauren, tell us about your role at Fox right now. Well, I work at Fox Business. I anchor a very early morning show which is politics and business.  It's serious. And then I transition and I do like a day Good Day LA, Good Day New York, Good Day Chicago, so it's fun and upbeat. It's more like the business news for a consumer. For the everyday person. For the everyday person so it transitions and honestly, I love both. It's fun. I love it. You've been with the network for a long time. You started actually as a producer before you moved onto the on camera roll? Yep. Was there something about business that drew you... that attracted you? Oh no no no! I couldn't get a job right out of college. I love it! Honesty! I couldn't get a job at all. Honesty! So, I had an internship for CNN at the New York Stock Exchange and I was making $25 dollars an hour. It was more a freelance position than an internship while I was in college. And I was working with a reporter at the time. Who? It was Jane King and Clair Lake. They split the shift. I had no idea what was going on. It's a different language entirely, right? It was busy then. It was a totally different language but there were just so many people at the stock exchange. It was several rooms. You would physically get lost and intimidated being around all of these men and I just started to ask questions and feel more comfortable and the freelance job turned into a permalance kind of gig and my first job out of graduate school and I did it during grad school and I started to love business and the reason why is money makes the world go round. There's a money angle to everything and it doesn't have to be wonky and through Good Day New York for instance, I've realized that it's not wonky at all. It's fascinating. Give me an example of that. Make that come to life. What's..."