GUG Creative Development

Research shows that Early Childhood Education creates a foundation from which kids can grow both academically and emotionally. Programs involving the arts have pushed the academic process even further. In order for these programs to be successful, a unique skillset is required to create, develop, and run the programs. Extraordinary amounts of passion and dedication are the backbone making each of these creative developmental opportunities shine. In this panel discussion, we will meet 4 educators with extensive expertise and talent in Early Childhood Education. Guests include: Shannon Ayers, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, National Institute for Early Education Research, Rutgers, Michelle L. Marigliano, Special Projects and Assessment Coordinator, Young Audiences Arts for Learning, Ty Stephens, Teaching Artists, Sharron Miller Academy for the Performing Arts, Ronnie Ragen, Community Partnership Director, Trenton Community Music School.

11/8/14 #2499