HGTV Design Star Tyler Wisler Offers Remodeling Tips

Famed New Jersey Interior Designer, Tyler Wisler, talks about his experience on HGTV's "Design Star" and offers some basic design tips to use when remodeling any room.

6/3/17 #608






"Welcome back to Life & Living. If you're a fan of HGTV's Design Star like I am, you'll recognize this face. He's South Orange, New Jersey's own Tyler Wisler, an interior designer who's been doing great things since we first saw him compete in 2011. How you doing? I'm well. Has it been that long? I know! Where does the time go? When you said it, I was like, "Where...?" Yes. Oh my goodness. [laughter] It's crazy! It is crazy. But you've been doing great things. And you have not shied away from the spotlight since then. We'll get into all of that. [laughter] But before we do, you live in South Orange, New Jersey right now, but you're not a New Jersey native? No. I'm not a New Jersey native. I'm actually a Hawaii native. I came over to the East Coast right after I graduated from high school. No... Why would you do such a thing? Why would you leave the beauty and lush of Hawaii? Hawaii is... To come here to New Jersey? [laughter] Hawaii is an amazing place to grow up. It's an amazing place to retire. In between there it's really tough. But I also knew that there was so much more out there. And the East Coast was where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in the creative arts industry. And so I knew that New York was basically the Mecca of it all. How did you know it was interior design? When did that lightbulb go on for you? It actually didn't happen until my first year in college. I went away to the American University in D.C. and everybody used to come into my dorm room and say, "Oh my God, you should be an interior designer." And... Beautifully decorated? I guess so! [laughter] And you know, what's funny is my dad was a general contractor, I was named after an architect. Yes. It's almost predestined that I would have done the interior anyway, but that sort of was the "a ha" moment. Transferred schools. I took on a different major. And, you know, interior design has been my life since then. You started in New York City, right? My first job was in New York City in a small boutique design firm. Yes. What did you learn there? What were the things that really kind of sharpened your teeth, let's say, in this industry? That everything that you learn in school is great. It's a basis for... it's a jumping off point. But so much of design is really how you work with people. Because really what we are is we're sort of like a therapist, trying to figure out how to navigate a space, and make it speak to, and be a..."