Hip New Jersey Founders Highlight the Best of Garden State

Joanna Gagis talks with Co-Founder of Hip New Jersey, Maria Falzo and Executive Producer & Co-Founder of Hip New Jersey, Lisa Marie Latino, about what New Jerseyans can expect when they visit the site as well as their partnerships with organizations that highlight the Garden State’s “heart of gold.”

4/29/17 #605






"Welcome to back to Life & Living. Think New Jersey is a pretty hip state? My next guests do. They're the Co-Founders of Hip New Jersey, a multimedium lifestyle program dedicated to all things Jersey. Welcome to the program. We have Maria Falzo and Lisa Marie Latino. Welcome ladies. Thank you. Thanks for having us. Maria, I'm going to start with you. Where did this idea for Hip New Jersey come from? What is it? Oh, so this really came out of the idea, the need, of something that we felt that New Jersey needed. There was a time... I had a company called The Hip Event, and we did everything from special events, to lifestyle marketing, public relations campaigns for small businesses. And at a time when I was trying to garner press for clients, we realized more and more, newspapers and magazines were folding. And we actually created it out of a need. Lisa Marie, you were working on an individual project. Talk about Long Shot Productions, and what you were doing. Yeah well, this is like kind of a full circle moment for me. It is. And I'm really excited because I actually got my start here. With Caucus and you and everybody else. So this is like, really really cool to be here today. And so I started Long Shot Productions, and Maria was actually one of my first clients. And we would film the coolest parties I've ever been to, probably still to this day, with P. Diddy, and liquor brand launches, and car launches, and I'm like, "This would make such good TV". So we teamed together, we put our heads together, we did a sizzle. And we took it to local networks. And everyone across the board told us take it online, cause the future of TV will be online. So we kinda shelved it for a little. Yeah. And Summer of 2013, you know, I really worked on the site, getting the segments filmed, and then when the Super Bowl was actually here, when all eyes were on Jersey, that's when we launched. Okay so what is it now? It's this multimedium platform. What are you delivering? What's the content? What's your message? So the content is everything about fashion, food, celebrities in New Jersey, people that are from New Jersey, toast of the town, all different kinds of businesses, small businesses, events that are happening throughout the state, from everything to like I said, lifestyle, to charity events, things that are really fun, hip, no pun intended... Yes. ...happenings in the state of New Jersey that, you know, we think that is important to share..."