Holy Name Medical Center Focuses on Patient Experience

Michael Maron, President and CEO, Holy Name Medical Center, talks with Steve Adubato about the importance of the patient experience and how this has lead them to be one of the five hospitals in the NJ/NY area to be awarded a five star rating. He also shares the hospital's priorities for the future, including the expansion of the Cultural Sensitivity Care initiative.

3/17/18 #205






"Welcome to State of Affairs. I'm Steve Adubato. We are coming to you from the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in Newark. It is my pleasure to welcome back, once again, Michael Maron, President and CEO of Holy Name Medical Center. Good to see you Mike. Good to see you Steve. Thanks for having me. So much going on. Real quick, I know that CMS is a federal... is it an agency? Yeah. Medicare and Medicaid. Alright, so CMS is the division that oversees Medicare and Medicaid programs. Right. The reason I mentioned it is because they bestow, they award, it's from... I guess it's one to five stars? Mm hmm. Based on a whole range of variables. And you guys received... your organization received a five star rating from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid, CMS, the federal government, because? Because of quality performance. It's basic objective metrics that CMS draws from every hospital across the country that participates in CMS... in Medicare, which is all of us. Hmm. And they use the same objective criteria to compare all the hospitals across the board. Five stars are rare. It's their highest rating. How many in the region? Only five in the whole New York metropolitan region. Only three in New Jersey. So it's Holy Name, Morristown, and St. Luke's in Warren. Right. Those are the only three. So listen, by the way, let me disclose that for many many years, Holy Name has been a supporter of our programming, and I have hosted the annual gala that... in New York, by the way, that Holy Name holds. A question on the national landscape. A new pres... well, a relatively new president, I mean really, second year now. Yeah? A new governor of New Jersey, several months in. Right. Biggest challenges you and your colleagues in the healthcare/hospital world face, on the national and state level, are? Well I think a lot of it has to do with the, you know, crushing cost that has not depleted at all. I'm concerned about it, because there are a lot of fighting constituencies who want to see, you know, the system sort of stay the way it is. They profit under it. But what does that have to do with the challenges? Well, because the challenges are trying to... you want... you don't want to... you don't want to deliver high end quality at any price, and you gotta get the costs under control, and at the same time, you don't want quality to suffer and be..."