Holy Name Medical Center Nurse Shares Experience on The Voice

Felicia Temple, singer, songwriter, musician and nurse at Holy Name Medical Center, and talks about her two passions, saving lives and music. Temple also shares what it was like to perform with her Idol, Alicia Keys on NBC’s “The Voice.”

9/16/17 #616






"Welcome to Life and Living, I'm Joanna Gagis. When she's not saving lives in the hospital, she's singing her heart out. Her friends call her Felicia Keys and if you're a fan of NBC's The Voice you'll know why. She's Felicia Temple, a nurse at Holy Name Medical Center, she's also a singer, songwriter and musician, welcome to the program. Thank you so much for having me. We're thrilled to have you! I'm thrilled to have you, I watched your audition which we're going to look at in just a minute on NBC's The Voice and I went who is this powerhouse voice from New Jersey singing her heart out on the stage, what was that like? It was incredible, it was the experience of a life time, I lived out some of my childhood dreams. I got to sing with Alicia Keys, I'm still floating on a cloud. I can only imagine. Can we take a look at your audition tape. Absolutely. This is the blind audition, right, we got four judges. We have Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, you're singing to the back of their chairs. You don't know what's going to happen right. Yes. Let's take a look. [Singing] [Clapping] All the feels, all the feels right there, it's too much. I mean did you know in the moment you, you gave it your all, you killed it? Once Alicia's chair turned, I had the instant feeling of relief. You know wait so long for the moment. There's so much practice and so much rehearsal, I just felt like, okay I did it and out of all the times saying it I felt like oh I really really nailed it, you know at the right time. Was it everything you wanted it to be? That audition song right there? That song was my dream song to sing and I got to sing it for four amazing coaches, what more can I ask for. So Alicia turns around, this amazing thing happens. We're about to take a look at another clip because you start to introduce yourself and you tell everyone that your friends call you Felicia Keys. First explain that. Well thank goodness know one calls me that now, but in high school I could not escape that name. At every talent show I used to sing and play and my name was Felicia and her name was Alicia. We're both mixed and you know we look kind of similar and everyone used to call me Felicia Keys. You kind of have a similar sound too. I used to play all of her songs at the talent shows, that was..."