HudsonMOD 5th Anniversary Special

Joanna Gagis goes on-location to Maritime Parc in Jersey City for the five year anniversary of HudsonMOD, a luxury lifestyle magazine covering celebrities and the best of New Jersey's style and design.

9/30/17 #618







"Welcome to Life & Living, I'm Joanna Gagis. I'm here at Maritime Parc right in Jersey City right on the Hudson River covering the 5th Anniversary of HudsonMOD, New Jersey's luxury magazine. Join me as I cover this star studded event that features the very best of New Jersey. I'm joined right now by Shannon Steitz, who's the President and Co-Founder of MOD Media and the publisher of HudsonMOD and Jason Lembo, who's the CEO and Co-Founder of MOD Media. Welcome both of you. Thank you. Really it's you who are welcoming us here to this very special event, five years, the 5th anniversary. Shannon describe MOD Media, what is the concept, what is it? MOD Media specializes in luxury lifestyle. In additional we really make it a point to offer unique comprehensive marketing solutions that are multi dimensional. What do you mean by that? Ranging from digital to print, social media, PR at times and a ton of events. It's really about facilitating connections between our clients and our advertisers, sponsors with their perspective buyer, and it's all about results at the end of the day, building businesses. So speaking of results, the MOD Media has grown quit a bit this year, it's really been an expansion of the brand overall and of what you're doing and who you're reaching. Talk about that Jason. Yes, so we are very excited, we've launched ChicagoMOD which is our second publication for the MOD publication in April. It's been an amazing launch, we had 28 million impressions on that cover, the city's really respective. So we're excited to take what we've done in New York, New Jersey and show Chicago what our flare is. There are a few other publication that have just recently launched, Shannon tell us about them. Ah yes, well we've recently launched Highways of Benzel-Busch which really that launch coincided with ChicagoMOD then in addition we just acquired New York Spaces and that press hit this morning actually, so when I say just, just acquired. And we're taping in June. So Shannon tonights event is really exciting, as we said the proceeds from many of your events go back to various organizations, um tonight it's Animal Aid. Animal Aid USA, right. Yes. Why Animal Aid and what do they do? Our partnership with them really grew out of our relationship with Lorenzo Borghese and Georgina Bloomberg, the two co-founders. And Lorenzo was, well he was on ABC's the Bachelor. Yes and Short Hills, New Jersey guy. Yes. So he was featured in the premier issue of HudsonMOD, attended the event, we met and fell in love with him and all that he represents and really Georgina, this same story. She was also featured on..."