Humanitarian on a Mission to End Human Trafficking

Global humanitarian, Evelyn Mejil, traveled to 11 different countries on a “humanitarian tour” to advocate for the rights of women and children. Mejil shares her experiences seeing human trafficking outside of the United States, and her goals to mobilize help and educate others on this important fight.

5/20/17 #110






"Welcome back. One of our great friends is back after doing some important things. Evelyn Mejil is a global humanitarian. She was the CEO and Executive Director of the Senator Wynona Lipman Child Advocacy Center. Welcome back my friend. Thank you. Thank you. It's good to be back! Well... And it's good to be back here with you! Well, Raf and I, my partner Rafael and I, missed you in your appearances with us. And now we have this new series. So I gotta ask you, you went away for important business. You travelled where? Well I went to about eleven different countries in the past year. A little over a year now. And so all over Southeast Asia. Yeah so... Why did you go? I think I got to a point, and I know we talked about this a lot, where I felt that we needed to have a stronger voice in terms of the violence that was happening against children and women. We talked a lot about children, but we know that the majority of those children are girls. Females. And so they go on to being revictimized when they get older. Hmm. And I just thought that we needed to create a stronger presence, a stronger voice, something that we can unite, you know, behind, and talk about what's really happening. Because it is a global epidemic. And we talk about what's happening in New Jersey. Is it? But... yeah absolutely. What did you see? I mean, because you... all the times you were on with us...? Mm hmm. I mean you remember...? And the Wynona Lipman Child Advocacy Center? Mm hmm. You talked about this abuse of these children here? Yes. Yes. What abuse did you see around the world? It's very different, Steve. It's, you know, you're talking about seeing the abuse right in your face. You're walking the streets, and kids are lined up in the streets, and you have perpetrators coming by and picking up these children, abusing them, these kids are being sexually exploited, and then they come and return them. How young? How young? As young as three years old, four years old. I remember in Thailand, we had this one incident where we had two males walking around with a four year old girl that had been kidnapped while her parents were there on vacation from the UK. And it was 2 o'clock in the morning, and there was a team walking around, and we see this little girl with these two men. And they are just dangling her around like she's a ragdoll, and they're doing whatever they want, and it's just..."