"Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer" Helps Kids with Cancer

Joanna Gagis sits down with Andrea Verdone Gorsegner, Founder of Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer, an organization advocating for children facing pediatric cancers. Gorsegner also discusses her family’s personal journey with her daughter’s leukemia diagnosis.

11/25/17 #620






 "Welcome back to Life & Living. It's a heartbreaking truth, but cancer is the number one cause of death for our children. Andrea Verdone Gorsegner is here to talk about the incredible work she's doing as the founder of Infinite Love For Kids Fighting Cancer. Welcome to the program, Andrea. Thanks for having me, so much. It's a pleasure to have you. First, just kind of set the stage for us. How did you start this incredible organization? You have a powerful personal story to tell. Yeah, I think most people when they start things like this, it starts with a story, and for us, my daughter Natalie, just before her third birthday, on August 16, 2012 was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And all of lot of her symptoms had started less than a week prior. They were things that a lot of kids get. It was a low-grade fever and it was, you know, moodiness and little bloody noses. And then things started to kind of progress from there. Like what? Because symptoms and understanding the signs and symptoms is important to parents. I think for the main part with leukemia is particularly, you know, because there is so many different types of childhood cancer and they don't all have the same symptoms. But for leukemia it was, you know, we didn't notice her skin was very pale at the time. You know, you see your child every day, so that was part of it. Now, you know, I feel like I'm, you know, partial oncologist. Now I can see if a tone of skin is a little bit off. But it was, really what was visible as parents was there was bruising out of nowhere. Really, you could figure. It was just before she turned three, so that's kind of natural for a kid that age to have bruises on their legs. But then we started noticing bruises popping up, you know, in other spots. Higher up on her legs. The day she was diagnosed, actually, when we called the pediatrician back, we had seen a bruise right in her hairline and there was just no way she could have hit her head in the middle of the night, because she was with us actually. Describe that moment, when you find out your daughter is diagnosed with cancer. You know, I've told this story a billion times, and it's like, it still takes your breath away, just hearing those words about your child. I remember knowing that, you know, something was wrong, because when we had gone to the pediatrician and the look on her face when she told us that we needed to go to the emergency room..."