Jenna Wolfe Shares 2017 Fitness Tips From Her New Book

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Jenna Wolfe, teleivison journalist, lifestyle and fitness expert and author, to discuss her book, “Thinner in 30” and shares tips to stay fit in the new year.

1/20/17 #2006






"There she is! Jenna Wolfe, who is a TV journalist, lifestyle and fitness expert, and the author of Thinner in 30. You look fabulous! I didn't know where you were going with the "F", you spent a long time making your... [laughter] ...mouth like this. "Fff..." I got nervous. I almost left. But I'm staying. And thank you so much. And you're making a difference everyday in the lives of so many people. I'm trying! I'm... it's... "What's more important?" is what I say to people. People... well I have my job, and I have this, and I... "You have nothing if you don't work" is what I say, right? If you don't work, nothing around you will work. And people blow it off, people say they'll start Monday, and people say they'll start next month, or next week, but this is it. This is your life! This isn't dress rehearsal. When did you know that fitness and a very healthy obsession... Yeah., was gonna be such a big part of your life? So I had an "A ha!" moment probably a little after... a couple years after college, when I realized that the only thing in life that we can control is our bodies. Not the weather, not traffic, nothing else but our bodies. And it's not easy. If you want a thinner stomach, if you want bigger biceps, if you want, you know, bigger legs, whatever it is, you can have that. You have to work for it. And you have to eat right. But you can control your body. And once I realized that it's the only thing we really have control over, I fell in love with helping other people who felt like, "Well I just... I can't do it. I just can't..." But you can. All the other things you have to rely on life, and other people to help out with, except the one thing that people just seem to want to give up on, because they think it's too hard. And I was fascinated by the transformation process. The... not just the before and after, the getting from before to after. And when you convince someone else that they have the power to change their own body, it's a wonderful thing, and then I like to help them do it. And some of the keys in this book? I was talking just about our... my wife and I who try to do the right thing. Yeah. And I told you she works harder than I do. Well... She has a trainer who is very... well see? Yeah. You know, you did well? Yeah. Mm hmm. And a bit of a... Oh, come on! I'm being funny! Steve... You're being funny, but you're also being accurate..."