JetBlue Foundation Encourages Careers in Aviation

Mary Ellen Caro, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Leaner Services at Thomas Edison State University, and Captain Bart Roberts, Vice President of Flight Operations at JetBlue, talk about the JetBlue Foundation’s grant program getting more students involved in careers in aviation.

10/19/16 #1911






"Hi folks, I'm Steve Adubato. More importantly we have two very special guests I want to introduce to you. First, Doctor Mary Ellen Caro, vice president of Enrollment Management and Learner Services, Thomas Edison State University. And Captain Bart Roberts, vice president Flight Operations JetBlue and JetBlue Foundation board member and a veteran of? The United States Navy. Thank you for your service to our country. Oh, it's a privilege. We appreciate it. What a fascinating program initiative we are here to talk about. Captain, describe the initiative that the JetBlue Foundation is funding at Thomas Edison State University regarding aviation and aviation careers, and why it's so important. Well, it's important because what we want to do is we want to create an opportunity, a diverse opportunity, for people to learn whether they're adults, or even younger, and it's all related to STEM education relative to them being able to progress in their opportunities in the aviation field. And the grant is? Describe it. This grant that we received from the JetBlue Foundation enables us to create the course-ware for the Aviation Management degree. So it's extremely important because it help funds the various courses that have to be created in the curriculum. So right now, you told us right before we got on the air that there were 70 students, excuse me, in the program? Well we have, overall we have other programs with JetBlue, other academic programs. Right. And we actually have about 80 students, we have close to 300 applicants, and we're delighted that we have the first class graduating about 50 students tomorrow. So tomorrow, as we do this program in mid September, tomorrow 50 students are graduating. Describe, Captain, these graduates. What are they facing? These graduates... And what opportunities are there for them? More importantly. Well, it's really an opportunity, because many of these people I know personally who have gone into the workforce, and foregone their education, or many of 'em, you know, they did two years, three years, and they just did not have the opportunity, the money, or the wherewithal to build or continue this education. And through JetBlue's Scholars Program and our association with Thomas Edison State University, we've created opportunities for these adults to continue their education. And I will tell you personally, it means so much to these people to be able to fulfill a dream that they had, because many times they just had to put their life on hold, from an educational perspective. And what JetBlue Scholars Program, and the Thomas Edison State University has done, is created a pathway for people to fulfill their dreams through education. Doctor, help us understand this..."