JFK Medical Center's REMS System Reduces EMS Response Time

Jamie Chebra, Director of EMS at JFK Meical Center, and Mark Bober, Assistant Director at EMS at JFK Medical Center, talk about the Rapid Emergency Medical Score (REMS), a system designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to get an emergency response team to a patient.

1/6/18 #622






"Welcome back to Life and Living. You know just a couple of minutes can be the difference between life or death. How do you know when you should call an ambulance? Well with me now to help us understand all of this is Jamie Chebra, Director of EMS at JFK and Mark Bober, Assistant Director of EMS at JFK. Welcome to both of you. Thank you. Ambulatory services, EMS, not buzzwords really in our households right it's not something we're talking about but when something happens, a heart attack, some kind of major accident, all of a sudden it matters. Jamie I'm gonna start with you. Okay. Why should people be calling an ambulance why should people be calling 911 and getting that care instead of taking themselves to a hospital, to a doctor? So there's a lot of reasons why you should you know trust the emergency medical services system to provide you rapid and efficient care in times of your particular emergency need whether it be an accident or a heart attack. First responders, EMTs, paramedics are very well trained in doing exactly what the emergency department would do before you even get to the emergency department. Basically we're bringing the emergency department to you and if you think about it in that respect you have the advantage of staying right where you are and allowing us to bring all that care to you in that setting. What's wrong with the thinking that okay let me just get myself there quickly I know I can drive fast you know I don't know how long it's gonna take the ambulance to get to me so let me just do this on my own. Or conversely I don't think it's that bad I'm just gonna take care of it myself because I don't I don't want to be dramatic and call an ambulance it couldn't be that bad. So not that bad is definitely the famous last words that most people regret in the end. I think that not that bad is definitely something that if you're towing with the idea of getting checked out especially in an emergency setting you probably should. As far as driving yourself to the emergency department we definitely worry about the state people are in and I understand that a lot of people are saying yes I can make it no problem but they don't necessarily consider what happens if you don't make it and if you slump over at the wheel or something along those lines that leads to other people are getting hurt as well and I don't think that's something..."