Karen Hunter Discusses Impact of Donald Trump's Presidency

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Sirius XM Radio Host, Karen Hunter, to discuss the 2016 President Election and what she predicts for the country once Donald Trump takes office.

1/16/17 #2004






"Back by popular demand, we have our friend Karen Hunter, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, talk show host, SiriusXM Radio, heard on Channel 126 everyday, 3-6 PM. How you doing? I'm awesome. How are you? Great having you back. By the way, we'll get this out of the way, Karen argues, and I don't buy it, that she has a good side. [laughter] And I say that you have both good sides. Yeah, no, no there's no... Fibonacci, right? That's the mathematical equation for, you know, perfection? Yeah. Beautiful people, both sides of their faces are the same. Like you? No, Brad Pitt. I think there's like a few people. Clooney? No, I don't think he's in that category of perfect. Alright, go ahead. But most of us are, you know, off. One side is a little different than the other side. This is my good side? Yeah, and that's my good side too. So check this out, this is my good side. Yeah, that's my good side too. That's your good side? The same side, if I sat over there. So you're on the wrong side? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it's alright. I can roll with it. Cause, you know, it's not the worst. You know. You're so accommodating. It's your show. [laughter] See, let me say something to you. Let me say something to you. What? If the country were so accommodating? Right. If we could come together like this? Right. Right. And work things out. We'd be a better country? We would be a better country. Now what do you think the odds are, as we... and by the way, this is the end of 2016. Watch this transition. This segue. We're moving into 2017. This show will be seen later. We have a new president. What are the odds that we come together and work things out like this? And the country's so fragmented and fractured. Divided. It's gonna come together like this? Zero. Come on! Yeah, no. You've always been an optimist, all the years I've... No I am. ...known you. I actually am an optimist. I really am. But I'm also realistic. I don't live in Alice in Wonderland. I am realistic about where we are as a nation. And the fact that we are even here tells you how far apart we are. You know. We go eight years of Barack Obama to Donald Trump, it says a lot about not just how disgruntled people are, but I think how ignorant people are of what is actually happening in this country and around the world. Define "ignorant" here. Ignorant is defined the way it is. Like, lack of knowledge. We... unfortunately, most of us are getting our news from sources that are not real. We don't do our homework and research..."