Keeping Babies Safe Helps Prevent Tragedies in the Crib

Joyce Davis, President of Keeping Babies Safe, shares her personal story in creating this organization, with the mission to provide families with the critical information needed for infant and crib safety.

5/5/18 #702







"Welcome back to Life & Living. From tragedy to advocacy, Joyce Davis is working tirelessly to change the way you think about baby sleep. She's the President of Keeping Babies Safe. Welcome to the program Joyce. Thank you for having me. Tell us how this program started. Unfortunately my son, Garret, was four and a half months old, and he was sleeping in a Pack 'n Play with a mattress that was advertised as suitable and safe for the Pack 'n Play, and when we woke up in the morning, we had found that he had suffocated in that Pack 'n Play. This was a mattress that was supplemental to what came with the Pack 'n Play, right? Correct. And advertised as being safe. Yeah, they were sold right next to each other in the store, in a mass retailer. So you had no idea that this was a hazard? I had no idea, they were advertised, you know, suitable for Pack 'n Play. I can't imagine what you went through at that time. And the strength that it took for you to then turn around and really say, "I'm going to advocate for other parents to make sure that this doesn't happen again." Why did you start this organization? What was your mission? So that was in 2000, and what we found, after Garret had passed away, was there was a lot of information, SIDS information, and Back to Sleep information... SIDS - sudden infant death syndrome? Right. And a lot of information about how your baby's supposed to sleep, but very few information readily available about the products we use to put our babies to sleep. And the more research we did, we found out that there were no crib laws governing the cribs, or the mattresses, that are... we were putting our babies to sleep in. And the more research we did, we found in very tiny print, that these mattresses could be a suffocation hazard. But it... again, it was not readily available for parents, and we wanted to develop a website and education materials that would be a go-to resource for parents on crib safety and safe sleep information. You've been incredibly aggressive. I've seen your logo all over. I've seen stories and articles. Thank you. You have really become a voice for this, where otherwise there hasn't been. Talk about the partnerships that you've forged in New Jersey to really start getting this message out there. So Keeping Babies Safe is really... we're funded just privately, and through grants. We've developed relationships with Hackensack Meridian Health, Robert Wood Johnson... Barnabas Health? ...Saint Barnabas Health, and we work together with them on educating about safe sleep, and not only just educating, but if..."