Mallory's Army Fights Back Against Bullying

After Dianne Grossman's daughter, Mallory, was bullied into taking her own life, Dianne created an anti-bullying foundation called Mallory's Army to keep her daughter’s memory alive and to teach kindness.

6/2/18 #704






"Welcome to Life & living. I'm Joanna Gagis. She took unimaginable grief and turned it into an army that's fighting to stop bullying. She is Dianne Grossman, Co-Founder of Mallory's Army. Welcome to the program Dianne. Thanks for having me. Tell us about Mallory. Oh, that question always gets me. I think she is your all-American little girl. When I think of the American Girl doll, I think that Mallory is one of those children. She was an athlete, she was a good student, she was a good child, she was the baby, she's just an all-around American little girl. And what happened? Gosh, I think it was a series of mistakes that happened. There were four girls at school that decided to put a target on her back. They just decided to kind of gang up on her, and unfortunately she just couldn't handle the pressure of satisfying them or making it go away. Mallory took her own life in June of 2017? Yeah. I can't imagine, as a parent, the pain that you and your family have gone through. How have you decided to take that grief and turn it into something where you can now educate, and make an impact, on other students, and possibly even save some lives in the process? Well I think it was days after that Mallory passed away, when we started to realize that this was an epidemic. You know, it wasn't just one isolated incident. We started learning that more and more children, particularly in her age bracket, this has become a solution for them. And so once I learned that, I decided that I didn't want other parents to hurt the way that we do. And so we started Mallory's Army. What is the mission of Mallory's Army? So we service three people, meaning that we empower children, we educate parents, and we enrich school programs. And we do this... our philosophy of the foundation is behavior management. So explain what that means, and how you are managing that behavior, how you are changing that behavior? Well, I think it's the one thing that we can all choose today that doesn't cost anything, has no race, has no ownership. So we could make the decision today to just be nicer. So it's a really simple solution that anybody can make the decision to do so. So the way that we feel that we do that is we empower the children through our Blue Band, and our mantra, "It's a bracelet KIND of life." And what are the techniques? And you say it's easy, but kids are, in some ways, awful, right? We all went through childhood, and there's a side of the human spirit that comes out in..."