Millennials' Impact on Today's Business

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Jim Kirkos, CEO, Meadowlands Regional Chamber, to talk about how millennials are impacting business today and the reverse mentoring program that is allowing seasoned professionals and emerging leaders to collaborate.

10/4/18 #2161






"We are joined by our good friend Jim Kirkos, who is the CEO of Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce. Good to see you, my friend. Always good to be here. Let's talk... what some people call... because you and your colleagues are involved in this... Millennials. And you don't like to call them Millennials, you call them...? Emerging leaders. Okay. Let's go right to it. We have a group of talented Millennials, young leaders, who work with our team, who run so much of what we do every day in our production company. And I don't get what a lot of other people say about so-called "Millennials"... "They're lazy, they don't work very hard, they want immediate gratification, they're not loyal to the company"... bla bla bla bla... but I don't see it. What am I missing? No, I don't see it either. I have... I have the same small young professional group in my office and they are incredibly energetic in the... performing a job well. I think there's... there's a few people out there that may create that stereotype, but long and short, I think it's... I think it's an exciting group. How do we help emerging leaders be the best... listen, I'm a student of leadership, you can check our website, which will be up on the screen right now, because one of the Millennials... one of the emerging adults will... not adults, but... [laughter] leaders will put it up. We have a new radio series that we're doing as well, that deals with leadership issues. And we're gonna be talking about the question of young emerging leaders. Let me ask you this. What do they need from the rest of us who do not fall into that age category... a little more experienced? Well it's exactly... I think that the word experience is really what they're looking for, and they're hungry for that type of information and that knowledge. Every single time we put a young emerging leader group together... and I try to go there and inspire them to understand what we do as a chamber, I leave inspired. I leave inspired because they have this great energy. They want to do great things in the world. You know, they ha... they seem to have a little bit more balance about what's important to them. Woah, hold on... I've known you long enough... by the way, Jim is one of our board members as well, and we have a cross-promotional relationship with their great publication and their website as well, so check that out as they put it up on the screen. We've had a lot of offline conversations, are you saying that some of us..."