MythBusters Alums Share New "White Rabbit Project" for Netflix

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with MythBusters alums Kari Byron and Tory Belleci about their new Netflix series, White Rabbit Project, which uses experiments to investigate topics in science, pop culture and history.

1/18/17 #2002






"Alright now that we are properly dressed for dinner, just one more thing. Safety glasses? [music playing] Would you pour the wine please? Uh. [music playing] [laughter] Da fa...? Why? [laughter] What the Hell? [laughter] Why are we doing this? [laughter] Just pour the wine. It's fine. It's fine. I'm so embarrassed like this. Go ahead, it's cool. It's cool. [laughter] Stop ruining dinner! [laughter] See, look. I'm holding still. How is it...? Why is this happening? My brain is signaling these electropads to move my arm, and my arms are signaling you to move yours. So you actually can control me? [laughter] This is... This is torture! I can't even enjoy my dinner! Don't disobey me! [laughter] That's nuts! [laughter] That's you guys? Kari Byron, cohost of the White Rabbit Project, and Tory Belleci, cohost of White Rabbit Project. Netflix? Yup. What was that? Well, that was a... that was the little demonstration we were doing. That's some amateur neuroscience, if you will. We were doing a themed episode for White Rabbit Project that was about technology that you can apply to give yourself superpowers, and I was looking for something that would do mind control. And you know, hypnosis, and none of that's gonna work. So I found this guy who did neuroscience, and we hooked up these electrodes to me, and hooked it up to him. She's sadistic. I invited him to dinner. She's got issues. Who are you people? [laughter] Who are you? Seriously? No... [laughter] We are lucky. We got lucky. Cause we kind of fell into a job, and our skillset ranges from like blowing stuff up to building crazy contraptions, and now we found a new home at Netflix, doing the show White Rabbit Project, and we are just building, and recreating, and you know, investigating stuff from history, World War II weapons, speed freaks, I mean, each episode has a different theme. But here's the thing Tory, the premise, alright, here's... the premise is three hosts, but down a rabbit hole, to investigate topics, science, pop culture, and history, using a ranking system based off...? There's a whole description here, but what's it...? What? [laughter] Alright, so you know that moment...? What? [laughter] But hold on, wait a minute. He goes like this the whole way. He goes like this to me, because you're Italian as well? Yeah. But we're American? Yeah. Italian set... But your family originally from...? Sicily. Sicily? Yeah. Mine's from Naples. Yeah. And you were from ori... where in California? Monterey, California. And I was joking before we got on the air. I said, "Yeah, I come from a similar place. Jersey. New Jersey." And you said, "That's right!" So it's the same place..."