Nancy Meyer Stresses the Value of Credible News Sources

Nancy Meyer, President of North Jersey Media Group, discusses the role the media plays in New Jersey, and stresses value and service credible news outlets provide to democracy in America.

4/1/17 #105






"We are pleased to be joined on State of Affairs by Nancy Meyer, president, North Jersey Media Group. Good to see you Nancy. Good morning. It's good to be here. Let's let folks know that the North Jersey Media Group has The Record newspaper. What else? The Record, the Herald News of Passaic County, (201) Magazine, and a group of 30 weeklies that cover North Jersey. That's a big media group. It's a big footprint. With our free weeklies, and our dailies, and of course, the website And you've been in the media business for a couple years? Just a couple. [laughter] I don't even want to tell you how long. That starts to age me. Where before? I was in Orlando, Florida, at the Orlando Sentinel, and prior to that, the Hartford Courant in Connecticut. But born and raised in New Jersey, so this like a welcome home. Love it. Great to have you here. Nancy, talk about this. The media landscape is a massive question, but if you were to say right now, I mean, our son, who is 14, picked up The Record the other day, which comes to our house everyday. Thank you very much. And he said "Dad" and he was looking at the sports page. Mm hmm. Of course. We follow Seton Hall. He looks basketball, and he looked and he goes, "Dad, I'm trying to go to the continuation page. How do I get there?" And it hit me. He's having a hard time. He's not alone. Yeah. Newspapers are not going away. Please tell me that. [laughter] Well, you know, our... I'm sorry, it took me a long way to get there. [laughter] For our age group, let me tell you, you know what? The foreseeable future, as we see it, we don't see a newspaper going away. At the same point, we can have even more coverage and larger audience in a digital footprint. So part of it is, how do we engage a 14 year old? Okay. And that may be too young for us today, but how do we engage a 20, a 25 year old? And they're engaging on our mobile platforms, our web... you know, on our website, on desktop, more on mobile. And then of course, through social media platforms. And you probably find that, you know, here at NJTV. Sure. You know, the fact is we need to be able to reach them where they're looking, and that age group is looking on digital platforms. But I'm glad he's still reading the sports pages. He is. And by the way, let me fully disclose. I mean, you mentioned NJTV, which... and by the way, with our partners here at NJTV, you can find the content here on..."