New Bill Allows for Alternative Solutions for School Security

Asm. Anthony Bucco (R) - NJ talks about a new bill signed into law by Governor Christie, which offers school districts alternative ways of increasing their campus security. The bill allows specially trained retired police officers to be hired as security.

1/28/17 #641






"Steve Adubato here. We're joined by State Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, Republican Whip. Good to see you, Assemblyman. Good to see you, Steve. Listen, we can talk about a whole range of economic issues, but one issue I want to touch on is this issue of safety in the schools. Talk about that legislation as to retired police officers in schools. Well, it was a big priority for us this year to get it through the legislature and signed by the Governor. You know, with all that's going around... going on around the nation with our school systems and these active shooter situations, we felt it was imperative for us here in New Jersey to be able to put a trained law enforcement officer in our schools, and to be able to do it at a way that our schools and municipalities won't have to break the back of the taxpayers. So what this legislation does is it allows municipalities or school districts work through a shared service between both to hire retired police officers and put them in the school systems armed and ready to go. So I think it will be a good thing, and it's a good thing because those active police officers that are retired know the system, they know their police departments, they're trained in that particular municipality, and they know the officers that are responding, and the officers know them in most cases. So it'll be a big difference from a police department responding to an emergency in a school system where they don't know, one, if there is security in the system and who the people are. So this will be a big advantage. Assemblyman, talk to us about 2017 and the Pension Crisis in New Jersey and the most important thing that leaders in the state under the golden dome need to do. What is it? We got to reform the pension system. There's no question. Define that. Well, I think we have to do something in terms of the Defined Benefit. It's just killing us. The Health Benefit costs are killing the system, and if we don't do something to correct it, we won't be able to afford it. But be clear on that. You're saying state employees can't continue to have the deal they have. I don't think so. I don't think so. I think the employees that are there need to be protected, and new employees coming in are gonna have to have a different deal. You know, you can't take an employee that's been there for 20 years and pull the carpet out from underneath them. I mean, when you go to work, you look at where you are in life..."