New Bill Seeks Information on Why Businesses Leave NJ

Sen. Tony Bucco (R) – NJ talks about his agenda for 2017, which includes S-1207, a bill that would require businesses leaving the state to fill out a survey indicating why they are leaving the state.

1/28/17 #641






"We're here with Senator Tony Bucco. Senator, thank you for joining us. It's a pleasure to be here, Steve. What would you say the number one, two, and three business economic issues are in 2017 in New Jersey? Well, as a business owner, not as a Senator speaking, regulations, taxes, and the loss of other businesses here in the state of New Jersey. Customers that I have sold for years are moving out and moving on, and it's quite troubling to me, and very honestly, Steve, I think if I were not a State Senator, I'd probably look to move, also, out of the state of New Jersey, my business. Is that true? It's very true. With today's technology, you don't even have to live near your business today. Between computers and fax machines and cellphones and Skype and whatever else, it's very easy to run businesses, and I have many of my customers that have moved out of the state because of... one of the reasons because of that... over regulations, and also because of the taxes, especially estate taxes. You know, actually, the Senator talks about being a small business owner. You actually have legislation, S1207, a survey that you're trying to get moved forward that would ask businesses that leave, "Hey, why did you leave?" What's up with that legislation? It hasn't moved yet. We're trying to get that moving. That came about, if you remember a little while back when Mercedes-Benz up in Bergen County announced that they were moving, I think, down to Atlanta, if I recall correctly. That's right. And I said, "Why?" Nobody could answer me. No one had an answer why. That's why I put the survey together. It's an exit survey. Tell me why you're moving. Is it regulations? Is it taxes? Or is it just that you want a warmer climate? I don't know. But if it's taxes, if it's regulations, we can look at it and see what we can do to help correct it, and maybe entice you or keep you here if that's what the problem is. Senator, let me ask you this. With Donald Trump as President, clearly he's talked a lot about keeping jobs in this country, including New Jersey. What do you think it could mean, his presidency, for the state of New Jersey when it comes to business? I think it's gonna be very good for the state of New Jersey and for the country itself. He's a businessman. He understands. And like you said earlier, I'm a small business owner. I understand what the impact it is on businesses... not just mine, but on all businesses when some of this legislation comes about, and, again, no disrespect to our other legislators..."