New Jersey's Next Governor: Phil Murphy

“New Jersey’s Next Governor with Steve Adubato” is a two-part special featuring in-depth interviews with gubernatorial candidates Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R) and Ambassador Phil Murphy (D), now Governor of New Jersey. In Part 2, Steve Adubato talks with Democratic candidate, Ambassador Phil Murphy, now NJ's Governor-Elect, about issues such as soaring property taxes, the pension crisis, funding NJ’s schools, and more.

10/8/17 #101






"Welcome back to New Jersey's Next Governor. I'm Steve Adubato. We're now joined by the Democratic candidate for governor, Ambassador Phil Murphy.  Welcome Ambassador. Nice to be here Steve. Thanks for having me. It's great to have you. Right now, before we go to a whole range of questions for the Ambassador, we have a brief report from our partners at NJTV News on Ambassador Murphy's campaign platform. Phil Murphy has been running hard for governor for nearly three years. He defeated three substantial Democrats in the primary. His career was mostly spent at Goldman Sachs, which made him wealthy. He poured 20 million dollars of his money into the primary, but is taking public financing for the general election. He spent four years as US Ambassador to Germany under President Obama. He has also served as National Democratic Finance Chair and a board member of the NAACP. Murphy is a progressive. He would hike the minimum wage, legalize marijuana, promote affordable housing, and create a public bank that would bring home state funds held elsewhere for investment here. His opponent, Kim Guadagno, warns that he'll raise taxes. He proposes 1.3 billion in new taxes, 600 million from hiking the tax on income  over a million dollars, 400 million from closing corporate loopholes, and 300 million from taxing marijuana sales. He has talked about a new tax to support transportation but without specifics. Murphy chose Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver to be his Lieutenant Governor running mate, his strategy is to campaign vigorously and run out the clock. Most polls have him in the lead by double digits. His Achilles' heel is the 23 years he spent at Goldman Sachs and the possibility that voters are resentful of Wall Street millionaires. As always, we want to thank our partner and good friend Michael Aron, the Dean of the Statehouse Press Corps, and our partners at NJTV News. Ambassador we are being seen nationally on C-SPAN. We're also being seen on public television stations, WNET, WHYY, NJTV of course, where we are right now, on the radio on AM 970 The Answer, WBGO, on Facebook, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and FiOS as well. Ambassador, let's get right to the issue of taxes. This 1.3 billion dollars in new taxes. Break that down for us, but particularly, the part that helps property tax payers... homeowners. So the... we have to understand what the state of state is. And this is among the weakest economies in the United States. We've been downgraded eleven straight times. We lead the nation in home foreclosures. House income has not only lagged other states, it's actually down during..."