New Jersey's Next Governor with Steve Adubato Pt. 1

“New Jersey’s Next Governor with Steve Adubato” is a two part special featuring in-depth interviews with gubernatorial candidates, Ambassador Phil Murphy (D) and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R). In Part 1, Steve Adubato press Kim Guadagno on issues such as soaring property taxes, the pension crisis, funding NJ’s schools, and more. Who will lead New Jersey after Chris Christie? This program will help voters decide.

10/19/17 #2080






"Welcome to a very special edition of One on One. I'm Steve Adubato. Recently I sat down with Republican candidate for Governor, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno. And we discussed the issues that matter most to New Jersey voters. Here now is that conversation. Lieutenant Governor, let's go right to property taxes. Right. By the way, we had thousands of questions that came to us from a variety of... on a variety of platforms. This one comes from AM 970, NJTV, Facebook, Twitter, other places, property taxes, describe your plan in more detail. Well it's very easy. The number one problem in New Jersey is property taxes. I can go to any room in this state, and ask people what's the number one problem they have, and it's property taxes. They can't afford to live here in New Jersey anymore. They're all planning their exits. And we need to address the number one problem that is on their minds. Now my property tax plan would simply cap, if you will, property taxes at about 5% of household income. That means basically, for your listeners, $800 in savings on average. What happens if it goes over? If what goes over? If it goes over that amount? If... I mean if the town says, "You know what? We need..." It would be a good thing if they got more than $800. No no no. Okay. Yeah. [laughter] It caps... I want to understand something. Right. It caps the increase? No no no. 5%... you never pay more than 5% of your household income for your property taxes. That's... Never pay more? Right. Never pay more. And what about if the locality says, "You know what? We need even more for schools, we need even more for transportation." Right. Right. What happens then? School, the school gets reimbursed, they send a bill, if you will, to Trenton, and Trenton comes back and reimburses you for the difference in the amount. You say it's the number one issue in the state? Property taxes? Absolutely. I defy anybody to show me any information that says anything different. People can't afford to live here anymore. I mean, I've been here for eight years, Steve, and bringing businesses here for eight years. And the number one problem I hear from the people that work in those businesses is, "I can't afford to be here anymore!" They're moving to Pennsylvania. They're moving to New York. It... when they get to be my age, 58, they start to plan on how they're gonna move out of New Jersey..."