NJ Family Magazine Highlights NJ's Best Destinations

Joanna Gagis is joined by Dina El Nabli, Editorial Director for New Jersey Family Magazine, to talk about the best New Jersey destinations for all four seasons.

12/3/16 #524






"Welcome back to Life and Living. You know, New Jersey Family Magazine continues to be a go to resource for moms and dads in New Jersey, with tips on great places to take the family, and so much more. And I have with me in the studio right now, Dina El Nabli, who's the new editorial director for New Jersey Family Magazine. Welcome to the program. Thank you Joanna. It's great to be here. Let's first help people understand, what is New Jersey Family Magazine? And what does it include? We are a parenting magazine in New Jersey, and we are a go to resource for the best places to take the kids, must have parenting advice, and lifestyle advice for moms as well. We are also a website, www.njfamily.com. So you can check us out 24 by 7. And you have New Jersey Baby? Right? And... Yes, we also have New Jersey Baby, which comes out in the Summer. We have Raising Teens, really, which is a special magazine for those challenging years, and we're launching a big book of schools, which is all focused on education in New Jersey next year. You are a mom yourself? Yes. So you understand what an important thing it is to have a go to resource? Especially at what I love to see is, what to do with the kids. I get those emails that say, "Summer's almost over! Make sure you hit the bucket list." Absolutely. And, you know, all these great things that I would never think of, that are around the state. And they're seasonal. Right? Yes. So, we're coming up on the Winter months soon. What are some things that parents can do with the kids in the winter? So our favorite event in the Winter is the Polar Express. It's a magical, magical experience. There is no way you can do it without getting to the holiday spirit. And the one ride that is like, basically coveted, is the Polar Express out of the Delaware Valley, out of Phillipsburg. It's already sold out actually. [laughter] Right. You've gotta get the tickets in June, they go on sale in June, so by September, it's sold out. But you know, the great news this year is that this is a thing now, so there's more attractions. A new one just opened out of Whippany, it is not yet sold out, and it's completely magical. You get the full story. You get your golden ticket. You get your cookies, delivered by dancing chefs. And the full experience, just like out of the movie. So that's still available, and if that sells out, and you have younger kids... I know you do. Yes. And if they might not want to sit still for the full hour ride..."