NJ Senator Explains Why He Passionately Supports Trump

Senator Michael Doherty (R) – NJ, 23rd Legislative District, explains to Steve Adubato what it’s like to be Trump’s most vocal supporter in New Jersey and his thoughts on the way President Trump has handled issues in the country thus far.

12/8/18 #230






"Yes, we finally had him in the house. We have him here. He is State Senator Michael Doherty. He is a member of the Judiciary and the Education Committee. Good to see you Senator. Good to be here Steve. You are one of the most outspoken, interesting, compelling members of the legislature. You are not just someone who calls himself conservative, but you border on somewhat libertarian? Absolutely. Describe that. Well I think a libertarian believes in small government, believes in the Constitution, and the vision of our Founding Fathers that the government should not be doing everything. That it should be constrained by the Constitution. And it drives me crazy when I hear elected officials say, "Democracy! Democracy! Democracy!" We don't have a democracy. We have a republic. That's right. And a republic... a constitutional republic is much different than a democracy. Steve Adubato here with a Senator who happens to be a Republican. Leaning libertarian Michael Doherty. Let me ask you, you believe in the Constitution? You were one of the first people... in fact, you know, I think you were the first person to support President Trump, of note, in the state of New Jersey. Do you believe the President believes in the Constitution in the way you believe in the Constitution? And if so, make the case. Yeah. I think he does support the Constitution... Including separation of the powers? ...support the Constitution of the United States. For one thing, I think... let's go back to why Donald Trump was elected. I think the reason he was elected is that Americans haven't had a pay raise since 1970. The bankers in 2008, instead of being sent to jail, were bailed out by the American taxpayers, and George Bush lied us into wars in the Middle East, right? With the weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be bogus. So Americans, sick and tired of the rigged system, sick and tired and not getting a pay raise in 50 years, bailing out the bankers, sending our jobs overseas, fighting these stupid foreign wars, and Donald Trump was speaking to the American people. And that's why he won in 2016. But you've also been critical of the president in terms of his foreign policy, specifically as it relates to Syria, and you were saying, "Wait a minute? That's..." I mean I read Paul Mulshine's column. Sure. You can check out Paul at nj.com, and the Star Ledger. Mulshine wrote about you saying, "Hey, wait a minute? Donald Trump... that's not why I supported you. I supported you to stay out of there." Well... Did I have that wrong? Well no. I think he's done certainly a lot..."