NJTV's Brianna Vannozzi Talks Camden Development

Briana Vannozzi, correspondent for NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams, joins Steve Adubato to discuss her panel, "Working in Camden: Jobs, Opportunities, and Challenges." The candid discussion provides insight into Camden’s business environment; impact of policies on entrepreneurs and small business owners; career resources for young people and adults, and other economic opportunities for Camden residents.

7/8/17 #114






"Welcome to State of Affairs. I'm Steve Adubato coming to you from the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in beautiful Brick City. That's Newark NJ. It's an honor to have with us Briana Vannozzi Correspondent for NJTV News with the great Mary Alice Williams. How you doing? I'm doing well. Thanks for having me on. I'm happy to chat about this. We're going to be talking about a great piece that you did in Camden in just a bit. When did you know you wanted to be a broadcaster? Oh gosh. I mean, this is going to sound so silly but when I watched "All the President's Men" for the first time in my senior year of high school, Robert Redford, I said, "that's what I should be doing. I shouldn't just go for writing. I need to put my writing to a better use," and so that really started it for me. And NJTV News is a great place to do it it is. It's a good family here. Before we see this package, set it up.  You go to Camden. You do a forum on the subject of? So this is a very touchy subject in Camden. We're talking about jobs but not just jobs. The money that's been poured into bringing jobs to Camden in the form of tax incentives through the state EDA, the economic development authority. So, there are, as you might guess, two very differing opinions on how this money should be spent and how it's already been spent. Why don't you set it up. Tell everybody what they're going to see. Okay. So this is a forum that we held with a group of panelists from all facets of the city talking about why this money is being spent there and how we should expect to see it being used. Let's go to the clip. There's not a major city that doesn't give incentives in order to keep the businesses to make that city thrive and to really start to build that city up so, you take that side of it, right? So, we get so focused on, "hey, the jobs are coming in." These companies are coming in, but nobody looks at the effect that happens around those jobs. And effects the small businesses are being affected around. Okay, as a small business owner, is there a ripple effect? I'll start with this. In the 1980's, there was a term called "trickle down economics" and this sure  sounds like I like it. One of the reasons why I'm so vociferous about this is we have 8,000..."