Patients Benefit from Strong Healthcare Provider Relationships

Simeon Schindelman, CEO of Brighton Health Plan Solutions, explains how his organization is strengthening relationships with healthcare providers, and ways to maximize time between physicians and their patients.

9/9/17 #3021







"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. It is my honor and pleasure to have back, once again, here on public broadcasting, Simeon Schindelman, who is the CEO of Brighton Health Plan Solutions. Good to see you Simeon. Thank you Steve. It's great to be here again. You've been in the health insurance/healthcare industry for a few years? I... more than 30. More than 30. Biggest changes going on right now other than... or is it, frankly, as we do this program in mid July, 2017, is it "Hey? What's gonna happen in Washington?" Or is there something else going on? This is, in my 30 plus years in the healthcare business, health insurance business, absolutely the time of the greatest change I've ever seen. And some of it has to do with Washington, but I will tell you, most of it is driven by people who deliver healthcare, people who buy healthcare, people who receive services from healthcare. It's happening out in the community. You mean market forces? Market forces are beginning to take shape and have influence in ways they didn't have ten or twenty years ago. Consumer expectations/demands, today versus ten, fifteen years ago? Well, consumers expect a lot more today in healthcare, as they do, I would say, across almost anything they do in their lives. Healthcare's been difficult. It's been opaque. And therefore... Opaque? Opaque. It's been difficult for consumers to understand differentiation between healthcare providers, between health plans, if they get their coverage say, through an employer. And consumers are looking for the same kind of cost and quality information they get in other marketplaces around the country. And your organization Brighton Health Plan Solutions trying to deal with that via an initiative called Create? Create is a brand, or a product, within Brighton Health Plan Solutions. Brighton Health Plan Solutions is a business that's been around for a long time. It has three main products, and two of them are names you know. And we serve clients across the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Tri-State Area. One of the names is MagnaCare. Second one is Brighton Casualty Solutions. And we've just begun to get into the market with a new brand, a new product, called Create. What is it? Create serves group health plans. And when I think of groups, I think of employer sponsored health plans, I think of health plans that are from Taft-Hartley funds. We think of unionized organizations. Create serves all of them. And fundamentally the business thesis of Create is something I don't think you'd see from a health plan, or a health carrier anywhere else, which is we believe in the alignment of the interests of all the parties in the healthcare system. And we work incredibly hard to align the interests..."