Pete Dominick on Comedy, Politics, and Mens' Role in #MeToo

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Pete Dominick, comedian and host of SiriusXM Radio’s “Stand Up! With Pete Dominick,” to talk comedy, politics and mens' role in the #MeToo movement.

1/14/19 #2187






"Sorry for pointing. Hey! That's Pete Dominick! He's back. That's right. He's a comedian. He's talented. He's smart. He knows politics. You can check him out, Stand Up! with Pete Dominick, everyday, 9:00 to 12:00, SiriusXM. How you doing? It's great to see you. We've become good friends. We have this charisma, this mutual respect, this like, for each other. Like that's legit. It is. It really is. You come on the radio show. We really get along. We learn from each other. We bust each other's chops. You look great, by the way. You look... Thank you. handsome, as always. I appreciate that. You look great too. You got a little impingement, but I'm gonna leave that alone. Yeah, I have a neck thing. I'm 43 now. I'm starting to feel things happening. But maybe for another conversation. Trust me. More... We should host that show. More... Men and their impingements as they age! More... I told you about my hip. But it's not about that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's not about my hip. It's not about your impingement It's about, Pete, where are we? Yeah. A small question. Where are we today in terms of our ability to just have a civil conversation with people that we may disagree with politically? My friends, I know you still watch us on public broadcasting...? Yeah. Half of them I can't even talk to. Yeah. It's not that they like the president, it's that if you question something the president says or does that's not even political, but mean-spirited, call someone a name... Yeah. ...misogynist, they're like, "Hey, we're doing well!" Right. And I'm thinking, "Can we even talk?" Right. Well, there are so many different perspectives for answers on that question. I suppose it depends who you are in terms of how much... How about if I actually like some of these people, and I don't want to lose them as... Yeah. ...friends? You say? Right. Right. It's a... it's difficult because, at this point things become so personal these issues become so personal and like you said, a lot of people, they're like, "I'm doing well. My family is doing okay." I'm the type of person that, while I may think those things, I'm thinking about a whole bunch of other people... How dare you? ...who I might not know. Well, I'm not trying to be some noble elitist. No, but you give a damn! But that's the way I think. I do. I care a lot about... You see people in a so-called caravan? Yeah. People trying to get away from the country they were in. Yeah. God knows what they were facing. We don't know everyone there. But the reality is, there's a part of you..."