Political Analysts Predict Phil Murphy's Future Impact on NJ

Max Pizarro, Editor at InsiderNJ.com, and Alfred Doblin, Editorial Page Editor at The Record, discuss NJ’s recent gubernatorial election. Pizarro and Doblin share their thoughts on the new governor-elect Phil Murphy and how they believe he is going to impact the future of New Jersey’s government.

12/2/17 #123






"Welcome to State of Affairs. I'm Steve Adubato. Coming to you from the beautiful Agnes Varis NJTV studio in Newark, New Jersey. We're pleased to welcome Alfred doblin, who is the editorial page editor at The Record, and also Max Pizarro, editor of insidernj.com. Two of the most astute observers of politics and government in state of New Jersey. We're doing this at around the Thanksgiving period, let's take a few weeks back Alfred, the biggest reason that Phil Murphy will be our next governor is? He's not Chris Christie. Oh come on! Give me more analysis than that! Well I think people... people were ready for a change regardless if, or whether, it was Christie, there's a cyclical change, this happens, eight years if a Republican... No matter who the governor? No matter who the governor is. It's very hard for the same party to win after eight years, but I think people wanted a fresh face, and I think not just that he was not Chris Christie, but he was not part of the Christie Administration. So I think Kim Guadagno was not able to separate herself from from Christie, and Murphy was promoting a very progressive agenda. Jump in Max. Well I completely agree with that, and I would also add that what the election revealed, Steve, was how Kim Guadagno's attempt to turn this into suburbs versus cities failed, ultimately because she uncorked this Willie Horton style ad... You're talking about the ad where in fact... Sanctuary cities. Ambassador Murphy at the time, Ambassador Murphy sat right here at NJTV studio, we asked him about immigration issues, you mentioned sanctuary state, New Jersey, that unleashed what? Well it unleashed a last ditch effort by the Republican candidate to try to gin up suburban support behind her property tax message and it didn't work. It didn't go anywhere. And what happened was the trend lines of New Jersey's demographics proved to outdo and outrun that effort. How do you see that? You know, and I think, you know, to sort of bounce off of that, also the authenticity factor didn't play. You mean, "Who are you really?" Well I mean Guadagno has always been kind of a moderate kind of person. And criticized Donald Trump early on in the campaign, when he was running for president? Yeah. So the fact that he was... she was then moving so far to the right, that most people... like, Insider's view, okay this is a badly run campaign, because now they're trying some kind of Hail Mary pass, something to just sort of change the equation, but voters sense, I..."